I've been working at this particular picture for a few days (on and off) now.

This is my first time using Painters oil paints seriously, so I was hoping that people could give me a few tips

Obviously it's not finished; I'm still blocking out the colour on the armour, and need to paint the rest of their bodies (as well as sort out the colours; everything is too vibrant. I need to mute the colours in the distance) but one thing that is causing me problems is actually the lustre of heavily polished metal. I want the armour and the swords to gleam, but I'm pretty much lost on how to do that. Does anyone know a good way to achieve that using the oils?

The Sketch for those who are interested.

For reference; they're not human. They're faerie folk as I would imagine them in a fantasy punk setting. (Mechs, cybernetics, flying machines etc. Old school fantasy meets steampunk meets science fiction style myth) When they're painted their flesh will be a blueish colour.

Thanks in advance for any feedback