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    Kickstarter Team Forming for Pilot Anime (Character Designer Needed)

    We are forming a team to begin work on a short 3-5 minute trailer that will be used to fuel a Kickstarter campaign. If the funds are raised, the team will be paid to produce a full length pilot episode. Keep in mind, the initial trailer will be considered non-profit until the Kickstarter funds are received.

    So far the team consists of myself (Writer and Sound Designer), a storyboard artist, a composer, and a very talented voice actor. You can see the list of our team and our demo reels/websites below.

    Current Team:

    Jeff Giron - Writer/Sound Designer (
    Andre' Smith - Storyboard Artist/Animator (
    Brian Paul - Composer - (
    Jason Marnocha - Voice Actor (

    What We Are Looking For:

    We need a character designer to create the look and feel for the characters in our story. We are looking for either an Anime style, or even better, a unique combination of American and Japanese works that will make this project stand out. We are looking for someone who lives in the U.S. and is available through Skype for discussions.

    The Story:

    This story is the first of many we hope to create, so we decided to start with a character people are familiar with, Robin Hood. The current pilot outline can be found below. Please keep in mind this story is the intellectual property of Little Grim Entertainment. Please do not share or re-post without permission. If you are interested, please send a sample of your work to

    The story begins 8 years in the past. Robin is a young boy who has been raised by his father David, Lord of Locksley and Earl of Huntington, to honor and serve his country. David is close personal friends to England's current ruler, King Richard. During this time, a small uprising seems to be gathering just outside the border of England. The episode begins as King Richard is traveling to Huntington Castle to ask for David's help in leading a small force to quell the rebellion. David accepts the king’s request, and offers rooms for the king and his men to stay in for the night. During the King’s stay David's wife, Matilda, sneaks in to the King’s room and it is revealed that she has been having an ongoing affair with the King. In the morning the King leaves to return home, and David sets out on his mission. But he does not return alive. King Richard personally delivers the news of his death to his wife and son. Devastated and filled with guilt, Matilda blames King Richard for sending her husband out to die and demands that the King leave their family at peace. She specifically asks that when Robin comes of age, he will never be sent off to battle like his father. The King accepts.

    8 years later Robin has grown to be a very talented archer. He has never forgotten what his father taught him and desires to serve his kingdom just as David once did. His closest friends praise him for his skills in archery and know that he will one day serve the country with honor. Around this time the Holy Wars have begun and rumor spreads that King Richard himself will be leading the soldiers in to battle. Soldiers arrive in town to recruit young and able bodies to serve the King. They call out all the names of the selected men one by one. They finish and ride away. Only Robin's name was never called. Confused and devastated, Robin runs away from home. He catches up to a convoy of soldiers heading out, and manages to sneak in to their ranks.

    While King Richard is away, his brother Prince John is left to rule over England. However Prince John is a tyrant and seeks the throne for himself. He manages to replace key members of King Richard’s council with people loyal to him and begins planning to overthrow the King. As a result of Prince John's rule, evil and greedy men now reside over the villages of Nottinghamshire. Poverty and sickness rise, while the rich and powerful loyal to Prince John thrive.

    Back on the warfront, King Richard and his men have just claimed victory in another battle. As the remaining enemies flee, the King looks over the battle field with his officers standing beside him. As they are giving their report, an enemy assassin manages to sneak behind King Richard. He raises his arms to strike the King down, but an arrow comes over the shoulder of the King and strikes the assassin between the eyes. The King and his officers look towards the direction the arrow came from. Several hundred yards away, a man can be seen standing on top of a cliff holding a bow. The King orders that man be brought to him. His soldiers bring the man in to the King's tent. King Richard thanks the soldier for saving his life and asks him to reveal his identity. The man is revealed to be Robin of Locksley. The King immediately orders his men to leave the tent. After a brief pause, he tells Robin that he knows about the hidden power Robin possess. It is then revealed that animal like powers known as Primals exist in the world. Few people possess these powers and Robin's specific ability is known as "The Eyes of an Eagle". This primal allows Robin to see inhumanly far to track his targets, which in turn, makes him an exceptionally accurate archer. The King again thanks Robin for what he did, but says he cannot stay. The King assures Robin that he will be sent home a hero. Robin confused and angered by this asks, if the King knows of the power he possess, and that he be a great asset to the Kingdom, then why is he being sent home? The King only replies saying it's because of a promise he made to his mother.

    The episode ends as Robin is returning home. However, it is not the same home he remembers....

    To Be Continued.
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    Please post this in the Job Section under non-paying jobs. Thread closed, link removed.

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