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    CHOW #360 :: The Gunsmith Merchant :: FINALS

    CHOW #360 :: The Gunsmith Merchant :: FINALS

    Character of the Week #360
    The Gunsmith Merchant

    Deadline - Sunday, September 7th 10PM GMT

    Long ago the world fell apart from a catastrophe which nearly annihilated humanity. The world is now recovering but the damage is very severe. In this broken world, there are no more laws other than common morality among the survivors. Some live in peace, some live to cause chaos and some just want to make money. There is a gun smith who carries almost any kind of gun you would need, even make shift ones. If you want to protect your self, then he is the guy you would visit.

    This week you are to design the gun smith merchant. This is a post-apocalyptic world, so you will need to design him accordingly. However, it is not specified how the world ended, so that is up to you.

    The Guidelines:
    • Must be Human (if you do mutations, don't do anything that would make him/her unidentifiable as human.)
    • Can be male or female.
    • Must have injuries from the disaster, old or new.
    • The genre is Post-Apocalyptic.
    • Background's Permitted, but don't forget what the focus is!

    The Rules
    • Finals must be posted in the finals thread before the deadline
    • Final post must include the CHoW # and the artists username at the bottom of the image within, at least, a footer bar(TYPED, NOT WRITTEN)
    • At least 3/4 of the character must be visible (minimum from the knees up). No back views are allowed without a front please.
    • Only ONE character please, no multiple submissions.
    • Sketches or rushed artwork will not be accepted into the poll
    • No photograph paint overs, must be 100% original work.
    • At least two wips posted with your final in the finals thread.
    • NO ENVIRONMENT BACKGROUNDS! You may use simple shapes,gradients or silhouettes. (UNLESS STATED OTHERWISE WITHIN THE WEEKLY BRIEF.)
    • Please read through the thread for any posts made by the mod. They likely answered a question that was asked about the challenge!
    • Have fun!

    Visit my website for additional info.
    “If people knew how hard I worked to get my mastery, it wouldn't seem so wonderful after all.”
    ― Michelangelo

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    Mike Brighton, a 17 year old kid that survived the disease called "neuroplast" which killed 96% of the population. He received the cure just before his organs were all taken over by the disease, the patterns visible on his arms and head had all most taken over his entire body, at that point the disease would have become fatal. The device on his head stabilizes the disease. Five years after the apocalyps he roams the streets selling his goods, he keeps all his guns in his bag, except for his trusted sniper that he would never sell.
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    Name:  ???.jpg
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    My final,
    good entries everyone so far!

    Name:  gunsmith.png
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    Name:  gunsmith wip.png
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    Gunsmith merchant roams the nuclear wasteland making and selling (and using) guns and ammunition
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    A strange haemorrhagic disease took the globe by surprise, wiping out most of human life. Symptoms include explosive and unstoppable bleeding both internally and externally. Sufferers can be identified by the blood constantly seeping from the eyes, nose, gums and fingernails. Many now wear masks.
    The disease has unofficially been dubbed "the bubbles" due to the red foam that generates around the mouth when the afflicted tries to speak.
    Only a small percentage of the human race carried immunity, and for the scant few left without the right genes there is no cure, only constant medication to hold the disease at bay. These poor souls were once rich before the fall of mankind, and were the only non-immunes able to afford the expensive treatment. Their fortunes long since dried up they scrabble around and turn to questionable acts to scrape enough credits together to buy themselves another day of life in the wastelands.

    Name:  postapocalyptia.jpg
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    Name:  apocwips.jpg
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    Character of the week challenge C.H.O.W

    *light nudity*


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    A nuclear war broke out near the end of the 22nd century. In an attempt to bring an end to the conflict without further collateral damage, one side unleashed a manufactured super-virus, intended to wipe out the infrastructure of one of the nuclear powers. Instead, they unleashed a hyper-evolved virus that decimated the population of the earth.

    Nearly 200 years later, the survivors eke out a modest living in agricultural communities built into the hollowed ruins of our world. An intense anti-intellectualism has grown in the main populace, believing their technologically savvy ancestors to have received just punishment for their hubris. Many wanderers who collect old technology or attempt to rebuild machines are killed out of superstition.

    However, a populace that willfully disarms itself is notoriously vulnerable to well-armed raiders. Raiders often scour the wasteland looking for young talent with an aptitude for machines. This particular prodigy hides his stock right under the noses of the locals - he stashes heavy weaponry inside empty mass coffins meant to seal up the still-contagious victims of the super virus. No one dares go near them, so not even the raiders have been able to figure out just where this kid keeps his stock.

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    Name:  guncwip1.jpg
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    "You didn't come into this world, you came out of it, like a wave from the ocean. You are no stranger here" - Alan Watts

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    he orginally worked as computer scientist, but after the nucear war, he was forced to do something different, because there was no need for computer guys. In this postnuclear world live is hard, and everyone tries so survive, so weapons are one the most lucrative job in this era. Because he is disabled after the war, and lost his wife and is looking for this daughter, his knowledge of weapons gives him a level of protection, too.

    Name:  chow#360.jpg
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    Name:  chow#360.jpg
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    Upon toppling civilization now sentient machines threaten humanity.
    Our survival depends on stealing superior technology.
    Through reverse engineering we develop maverick hunters,
    giving mankind a fighting chance.

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    software: Blender, meshmixer, Gimp, Inkscape
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    mario fernandes - merchant gunsmith - final

    The gunsmith merchant final:

    Name:  gunsmith merchant 04-final.jpg
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    Name:  gunsmith merchant 04- wipsl.jpg
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    Hey there, great round!

    Name:  chow#360_wizo_FINAL.png
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    Name:  chow#360_wizo_wip.png
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    Baranha Chow 360 Final

    Great Stuff Guys and Gals.
    Name:  Baranha-Chow-360-Final.png
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    My great flood Post Apocalyptic gunsmith - diving for salvage and living on the sea, Originally drawn in photoshop, subsequently rendered and polypainted in Zbrush, and then composited in photoshop.

    Name:  chow_360_gunsmith_by_diquet-d7yb89m.jpg
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    Name:  chow_360_wips_by_diquet-d7ybaj1.png
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    Here is my entry.
    Tried something abit different this time for me. I learned alot! great fun! Please let me know what you think.
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