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Thread: new at this site. would love to hear your opinions

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    new at this site. would love to hear your opinions

    Hello everyone.

    My name is Itai and I'm 26 years old. I have recently decided I want to work as a concept artist. I had drawn before but composition and color balance are pretty new to me. Here are two of my newest attempts and some other unfinished works where I have tried to work with composition. I would love to hear some constructive criticism to learn how to improve my skills. Thank you

    Name:  concept blue mt fin4.jpg
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    Name:  postapoc5.jpg
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    Name:  concept piza.jpg
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    Name:  mountains.jpg
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    Name:  itai's kishkush.jpg
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    Name:  1 finish.jpg
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    I'll only comment on the first two pieces, since they seem to represent what you can do much more.

    I think that you might not have had replies because you posted too many pictures, but also that there isn't a huge and obvious flaw with your paintings.

    Basically I see flaws with all fundamentals. The perspective is wonky and obviously guessed. You need to learn how to build proper perspective, and build all of the lines on a layer. You simply won't be able to just guess it. Also, you're spending too much time on tiny details, showing some sort of scale problems too. Make sure you use the perspective lines to build things according to proper scales. You also need to work a bit on the values, plotting the light source, building volumes using it. The line work also needs work, since alot of things that should have straight lines have wonky lines and seem wrong, especially when human made.

    Basically focus a bit more on the technical aspect of painting, starting probably with perspective, linework and so on.
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    First- I really like the background, sky and trees but the little town and pathway are out of place. It also looks like daytime, the lamps wouldnt light anything up like that in daytime. The path is a little confusing too im not sure if the ground in the fore ground is connected to the path in the middleground.

    Second- In my ooinion its the best out of the shows shown, cant see much wrong with it other than i find the water a little hard to read. At first i thought it was some kind of thick mist.

    Third- one of the weaker ones, looks vey unfinised, no idea what is going on or what the forms are.

    Fourth- foreground is a little messy and composition seems cropped weirdly.

    Fifth- same as fourth. colours look muddy. water doesnt read well.

    Sixth- second best in my opinion. although all the focal points (man and building) seem to centerised and content seems heavy on the right side.and the mans shadow needs to be rethought, currently it suggests the sun is infront of him
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    Quote Originally Posted by stephou View Post
    Basically I see flaws with all fundamentals.
    I'll second that. Get Norling: Perspective made easy and gurney: Color and Light. That will get you started both on perspective as well as colour- although for the latter nothing beats painting from life (naything really, even a simple still life will teach you lots).
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    Thank you all for your replies. Really needed your opinions to see the level im in. So I guess I'll start with the fundamentals. And thanks for the resources.
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