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    Diminishing returns in technical improvement

    I recently gained a new understanding of painting that I never even considered before. Thinking in 3D, it really was like discovering another dimension that I never saw or noticed before.

    I feel like applying all the basics like this, if I just practice a lot and really get all of these disciplines ingrained in my head, I could be a pretty awesome artist.

    A lot of the artists I consider good, or expert, seem to think they, too, are almost amateur compared to whichever artists they look up to. Whether it be old masters, or current-day artists.

    If you're tight on the basics, despite that you never really stop sharpening your sense of the basics, what else is there?

    I guess that's my question. I feel like there's no longer anything besides the basics in terms of technical ability, and naturally continuously sharpening the basics day-after-day would give you diminishing returns after a long while, wouldn't it?

    Sorry if this is a dumb or confusing question, but I do tend to look at art in a philosophical way, and this has been heavy on my mind for a while.
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    Often times it will feel that way; you'll make a breakthrough as your mind has its "ah ah!" moment in grasping a new concept, and you'll feel like you are making a ton of improvement... then after a while you will be back to the slight bit of improvement that you get just from practicing.

    Don't get discouraged, there are plenty more "ah ha!" moments to come. Some will be things that you find while practicing, some will be explained to you, and some will be a combination.

    Progress never seems to be steady, just be patient with yourself and your art at those moments when you seem to be making less headway.

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