So last night I sat down to draw a pic of actress Catharine Bell from a pic I found on the web in order to update my DB. Unfortunutly, it refused to come out right. Annoyed, I did a sketch of one of the main characters from my webcomic and threw in some profile shots. Then I went to bed. This morning, I decided to ink it, and then figured "What the hell," and colored it with Flash and Photoshop 5LE*.

BTW, does the thiness of the paper affect the qaulity of the inking? I've noticed that no matter what I do, the inking still looks shoddy. Part of its my level of skill, but I'm starting to wonder if the paper is also a factor.

<img src="">

*Flash was for a college course in 2D animation, and the photoshop I've had for a couple of years. I have 'em, so I use 'em