Hi. I'm new to this whole Sketchbook thing on concept art.
However, I'm not new at keeping a sketchbook. But I am looking for some kind of improvement so this is why I decided to start one here.
There is so much I want to improve still, and i'm feeling a bit stuck. There's nothing worse than feeling that way.
For starters I will show what I can do. I mostly like to Illustrate, however I do a lot more than just that and I can't wait to do more.
Now and then I am great at spotting my mistakes. Which is great, but as usual the reassurance is kind. Also I'm looking at becoming less of a perfectionist. I know it helps in many cases but not in terms of keeping a sketchbook. It's also very difficult for me to be loose with my art work, I find myself all the time wanting to just brainstorm and go crazy in my sketchbook. But again, I bump into wanting to make it a finished piece. I want to break free from that. Please help me along the way. Thank you.

Here's some of my Illustrations:

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Name:  Earth Queen (2).jpg
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Charcoal portrait:
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