Hey all,

Thsi is pretty late considering I've had my daily sketchbook up for a few weeks now, but I figured it was pretty rude of me to just come in and start posting without giving a proper introduction (for which I apologise).

umm.. let's see...My name's Josh and I'm twenty three years old. I work construction now, but I'm hoping to go to art school within the next couple of years. My wife has finished college and it just depends on when she can get a good job and we can get firmly established somewhere. OH yeah, I'm married as well (two years this june).

I used to draw tons back when I was in school but when I finished everyone kept pushing me to go into computer science. I did that for a year at a local college, but realized that I was only doing it for others and no because I wanted to. So I ended up dropping out and working full time. Realized, after alot of thinking, about a month ago that art was what I wanted to do, and after having been a lurker here for a long time (never stopped loving art, just producing it), I knew that here was where I would better myself at.

So I hope that wasn't too much info or anything, I rambled a bit. But I hope it gives everyone a bit of an insight into me and who I am.

*hearty handshakes all 'round*

Nice to meet everyone!