Teen Challenge 218: dwarven transport

TC 218: dwarven transport

This weeks challenge is set in an adventurous fantasy inhabited by orcs and dwarfs and elves and a lot of other, more unknown species. The dwarfs have one of the biggest territories in this world, with several larger cities and strongholds, as well as an extensive underground network of tunnels and halls. To travel through their vast kingdom, dwarfs sometimes use animals or, if the terrain allows it, they ride one of their crude robotic creations.
Your task this week is to design this form of transport, be it some kind of animal that fits with the dwarfs or a machine that could have been built by them. Make sure to think a little bit about how the transport would move both above and below ground, as well as how it would carry dwarfs or supplies or both.

This challenge is one week, so the deadline is sunday the 24th of august in the evening somewhere. Make sure to post your piece in the finals thread before then.

Good luck!

As of last week, you can also find this challenge on facebook.