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Thread: I want to become a better Character Concept Designer? How? (Anatomy)

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    Exclamation I want to become a better Character Concept Designer? How? (Anatomy)

    Hie guys, so it seems I've been an artist since I was young, and I always draw cartoons, paint digitally, But now that I'm older, let's say 14 years old, I want to seriously learn how to paint or draw human forms, that means I need to learn Anatomy, So, I've been learning Anatomy now for the past 3 weeks and also figure drawing which I found in Andrew Loomis book, But I really have some trouble on understanding the muscle of the human forms, especially on the forearm, It's really complex, I don't know which one is the deepest part cause I can't tell it on a book about anatomy for artist or something. Although I understand how muscles work, 3 weeks should familiarize my self in Anatomy, But It really makes me confuse to muscles and how to draw them, cause in terms drawing surfaces of the human body, to do that I need to learn the muscles on the parts of the body so that I will know where to put the landmarks. So, please guys, I need your help, I can't just stop in here. I just started. ^_^

    I've provided some photos that inspired me the most, mostly, character design from League of Legends, since I really loved how they paint the characters.

    Here is the link:

    My real dream as an artist is becoming a Character Concept Designer, which means I can draw and paint things like the link I've provided above, I know it takes patience and time, and there is no endpoint in learning is since art doesn't have an end. It's endless creativity, All I want to strive my goal for now is HOW CAN I DO IT?

    Is there a book?, links? , videos you wanted me to have in learning this things? What are the major principles in painting this designs from League of Legends?, is there more things you wanted me to tell? of course as a, let say beginner?
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    I'm not an anatomy expert, so I may be corrected. It's a bit like twisting a load of ropes. the below links might help.

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    There are a number of different approaches to learning anatomy, some of which may work for you and some of which may not...people don't always learn best by doing the same thing as their neighbor. Regardless of which techniques you study, don't expect to become an anatomy ninja in 3 weeks, lol. More like 3 years. (if you practice dilligently)

    That said, try Bridgman for understanding geometric structure of the body. Many people swear by him.
    Others are more fond of Loomis.
    I have heard of some people who have gotten solid results by tracing over pictures in bodybuilding magazines constantly until the muscle forms make sense.
    Another tried and true approach is to build your own ecorche from the inside out. (My personal favorite)
    There are many others. You just have to work with a few of them until you figure out which ones make the most sense to you.
    Have fun!
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    get into life drawing sessions. Nothing will teach you to see the form of the body like the real thing. That way your studies of the muscles will have something real to compare to. It will also help you see how muscle and fat obscure some areas over others.
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    You don't need to know anatomy to do the stuff you posted. Digital painting, some 3d probably poser models, details from photos. There's no deep thought in any of that, the lighting is purely formula and not effectively believable but good enough for what they're doing, the forms aren't really thought out or put together effectively.

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