So I have two Cintiq 22HDs. One at work I've had for nearly a year, and one I just bought from Amazon for personal use at home that was delivered a few days ago.

My 22HD at work has a DVI connector that I plug into a displayport adapter for my work Macbook. When I unpacked my new 22HD at home, I was completely boggled to find that instead of a DVI connector, it has a VGA connector. I don't understand at all how two of the exact same product have two different connectors. Could one be an older version than the other? The product page on the wacom site for the 22HD specifically says it comes with a DVI connector, and makes no mention at all of VGA.

My question is then. Will the image quality of the VGA tablet be significantly worse than the quality of my DVI tablet? Should I return my VGA 22HD and try to buy another one that will hopefully have a DVI just like my work Cintiq? I'm very paranoid that I just wasted money on a personal Cintiq that will perform/display worse than my work Cintiq, and I don't want to go out of my way to buy a new mac VGA adapter until I know it's worth my time. Maybe I'm just paranoid.