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    Question What kind of computer should I have for a cintiq 22HD?

    Hi everyone,
    I've recently realized that I could buy a new computer and a cintiq 22hd (a new one). I want a desktop pc but I don't know what kind of pc I should buy.

    A friend of mine once said that his cintiq didn't work for a while because his computer didn't have a strong enough power supply. Also, a wacom guy at a show once said to me that the cintiq he was showing had the brush follow the pen instead of being at the same time because the computer wasn't strong enough (If I remember well)

    These two things are things I want to avoid and I don't really know what kind of graphic card, memory, power supply,plugs and all that stuff (that I barely know about) should the computer have to make the cintiq work properly.

    So, what should my new computer need to be equipped with? Any suggestions?

    Thanks for the help!
    It's aways nice to be nice! So critiques are always welcome!

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    The one that runs program you planning to use (photoshop etc.. minimum requirements) should work fine. I have Cintiq 21 UX newer one (still 4:3 aspect ratio), but i have no experience of any lag, neither on my workstation or an old laptop. Correct me if i'm wrong.

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    These days desktop computers are very cheap and powerful, but don't expect magic from the cheapest ones. It is the best way to build your own, but if it is difficult for you or no experience then here are some tips:

    - Processor should be intel i5 or i7. Even i3 should do the job but in some cases when you drawing something big, sometimes it might have lag.
    - SSD disks will power up drawing programs much quicker, almost instantly.

    - All current graphic cards will handle drawing no matter if it is high end or low end, it might struggle with the crappy one if you will zoom in or out and rotate the canvas, but other tasks are handled mostly with processor power (correct me if I'm wrong, probably depends on the tool you are using).

    - Good PSU is also essential, if it is the cheapest one, it might broke one day and it will be that day when you need to draw badly and it controls power for all your inner case parts so it better be good.

    - RAM get it as much as you can, I recommend at least 16GB, even with 16GB when I was drawing a lot on 8000x5000px canvas 300dpi with many layers and I was flipping the canvas - photoshop crashed and couldnt handle it but it was only once. So I recommend 16GB or even 32GB. But again it depends what are going to do if it is just doodling, then it will be enough 4GB.

    - Good motherboard is also essential, don't get the cheapest ones

    So in general get the processor as powerful as you can afford, get as much ram as you can and stay away from the cheapest PSU and motherboards.

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    Dell 8700 like this one -

    would run a 22hd fine. Also Ive read many college's have wacom cintiq 22hd running off of the quad core versions of the mac mini. You just need a mini display port to dvi connector to connect the cintiq. The mac mini is due for an update soon. Whenever apple gets around to it since its not an ipad or an iphone.
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    In fact, Cintiq itself does not have minimum requirements to the hardware, except output ports you're gonna use to plug in the monitor [VGA/DVI] which are common to have anyways on desktops ). The programs you use may cause the lag. Cintiq itself is like regular monitor with unusual mouse (pen). Just had to clarify the fact. If that's clear you can specify which programs you gonna use and what purposes.
    If i assume you're gonna use Photoshop for digital drawing, then recommendations by Gyvulius (upper post) is good enough.

    Edit.. oh, i've already replied to this topic. Did not noticed before hehe :p

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