Hi guys, this will be my second thread - the first being on the Critique forum.

I'm an amateur artist looking to make a career for myself. My primary goal is to work in the Video Game industry, but the over-arching goal is just to make a living to do what I love!

With that out of the way, here is some of my work. It's going to be almost entirely digital, as that's the media I want to master (first!).

Name:  Mad Monk.jpg
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The Mad Monk - From the Batman Universe
Name:  Big_Hero_Six_02.jpg
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Baymax - From Big Hero 6
Name:  Mermaid_Man_Underwear.jpg
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Mermaid Man - From Spongebob Squarepants
Name:  PvZ Silhouette 2 Braaaains.jpg
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4 Playable Characters from the Video Game Plants vs. Zombies 2
Name:  Keishimitsu_Watermarked.jpg
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Concept Piece influenced by Outlaw Star
Name:  Gorilla_in_the_Mist_WM.jpg
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A Gorilla!
Name:  Tiger_WM.jpg
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A Tiger!

- JB