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    2015 - Sheridan College Animation Hopefuls


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    Hello everybody! I figured it was time to start up the thread for this year's Animation Hopefuls! To keep things short and sweet: this is a thread full of crazy artists who are trying to help each other get into a school full of even more crazy artists~ In all seriousness, though, Sheridan's Animation program is a world renowned and intensely vigorous four year Bachelor's Degree Program. And graduates have gone on to hold animation careers at some of the most prestigious studios from Pixar to Studio Ghibli to Dreamworks, etc. As a result, Sheridan "prides itself" for having arguably the most demanding portfolio requirements from any animation school around the world. This thread is dedicated to helping all those animation hopefuls from all corners of the planet get into the animation school of their dreams!

    How do I get into Sheridan's Animation Program?

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    All the program details, admission requirements, and domestic and international program fees are described in fair detail on the Sheridan website:

    Sheridan: Bachelor of Animation Website

    But to summarize everything in a nutshell: Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent, including these required courses:

    • English, Grade 12 (ENG4U)


    • One senior-level Visual Arts credit at the M, or Open Level
    • Four other Grade 12 subjects at the U or M level
    • Minimum 65% overall average


    • Two semesters of post-secondary education including required courses with a minimum 65% overall average


    • A successful portfolio meeting the minimum score for admission

    How much will it cost me to study animation at Sheridan?

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    The program itself:

    • $9,356.0 per year for domestic students
    • $24,729.05 per year for international students (I'm sorry. It's unfair, I know)

    Living on campus:

    • $6,850.00 from August 31st to April 18th (full academic year)

    this equates to

    • 978.6 per month (rent is paid all at once in either one or two payments NOT on a per month basis)


    • An extra $200 fee will apply if you wish to stay during the winter break

    I just wanted to mention how much it would cost to live on campus per month since many people might decide that they will want to on their own, with family, or with roommates in the apartments and flats around the Oakville area. Therefore, I wanted to put the cost of paying rent per month into perspective.

    All the residential living costs can be found on the official Sheridan Residence Website for the Trafalgar campus:

    Sheridan Residence: Trafalgar Website

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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    How does the marking work?

    According to the coordinator, 8 different people, specializing in each section, look and evaluate your portfolio. So there are no 'hard' markers or 'easy' markers. All 8 of them are trouncing through your portfolio. So to break this down further, there are professors who specialize in storyboard that look at your storyboards, there are professors that specialize in characters, that look at your characters, etc, etc. And at the end, all 8 look at your personal section.

    How many available spots are there?

    150 as of year 2013.

    How many applicants are they expecting?

    It varies, but they normally get over 1000.

    International students.

    They only have room for 25.
    International is OUTSIDE Canada. Provinces outside Ontario don't count.

    When will I hear about my acceptance/rejection?

    If you're accepted
    You'll hear it first in your Sheridan Email. from March 25th-April 1.
    If you're inside Toronto, you should expect the acceptance package April 1st-4th (there are a few anomalies though, so don't fret too much)

    If you're rejected.
    You wont hear about it in your Sheridan email, you'll see it in the applicant status sub-menu around march 25th-April 1. You can find out if you're wait-listed or outright rejected, here.

    Or you'll receive a letter April 1-5th (inside Toronto) about it.

    NOTE: THE FOLLOWING LINK IS QUOTE: "An informal blog set up by some Sheridan animation kids to help answer your questions!!" I recommend that everybody follows this blog regularly for any questions or concerns you might have about the Animation Portfolio process or about Sheridan in general! It is run by animation students who are currently studying at Sheridan and who are quite capable of answering 'most' of your questions!

    Sheridan Animation Tumblr Ask Page

    Important Dates

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    November 8th National Portfolio Day (Confirmed) (Source)
    November 15th Sheridan Open House/Portfolio Day (Confirmed) (Source)
    February 1st Due date for Application through OCAS for equal consideration
    February 14, 2013. Due Date for Mailing in Animation Portfolio (Must have a time stamp no later than this date)
    February 24-27th Animation Portfolio Submission due dates (In Person)
    March 1st Last Day to Secure a Spot at Trafalgar Residence

    Art Books Recommendations

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    All of these book can be bought of Amazon, (which is where I purchased all of these books gradually over the span of two years) however, I am not going to judge whatever means you might use to legitimately or illegitimately acquire these books if you so wish to have them.

    1. Force : Dynamic Life Drawing for Animators (Michael Mattesi)
    2. Force : Animal Locomotion and Design Concepts for Animators (Michael Mattesi)
    3. Figure Drawing: Design and Invention (Michael Hampton)
    4. Bridgeman's Complete Guide to Drawing from Life (George B. Bridgeman)
    5. The Natural Way to Draw (Kimon Nicolaides)
    6. The Artist's Complete Guide to Drawing the Head (William L. Maughan)
    7. Perspective Made Easy (Ernest R. Norling)
    8. Framed Ink: Drawing and Composition for Visual Storytellers (Marcos Mateu-Mestre)
    9. Color and Light: A Guide for the Realist Painter (James Gurney)
    10. Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain (Betty Edwards)
    11. Layout and Composition for Animation (Ed Ghertner)
    12. Anatomy for the Artist (Jeno Barcsay)

    The Portfolio Requirements

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    The link below will take you directly to the 2014-15 Applicant Information that will describe all of the components of the portfolio in detail:

    Sheridan: Bachelor of Animation Portfolio Requirements

    To briefly give you an idea of what to expect, the portfolio is broken down into five different sections:

    1. Life Drawing
    (16 Marks Total)

    • Figure Drawings (5 Marks)
    • Animal Drawings (5 Marks)
    • Hand Drawings (6 Marks)

    2. Animation and Character Design (21 Marks Total)

    • Original Character Rotation (Must Design an Original Character) (5 Marks)
    • Action Poses Sheets (8 Marks)
    • Expression Sheet (8 Marks)

    3. Storyboarding (9 Marks Total)

    • Four Panel Narrative (Using the Character Provided by Sheridan) (9 Marks)

    4. Layout (14 Marks Total)

    • Household Objects (8 Marks)
    • Room Line Drawings (6 Marks)

    5. Personal Artwork (2 Marks Total)

    • Five Pieces of your Personal Artwork (Best shows your artistic abilities, versatility, and thought process)


    The marks beside each of the categorizes and requirements just shows how heavily each of the categories is weighted. Each piece is equally as important, however, some pieces (as shown above) cover more evaluation criteria and as a result, yield more potential marks. I thought it was something worth considering when trying to decide how much time should be spent on each piece.


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    At the end of the day, there is practically an infinite amount of information available to us. Therefore, I propose that we make use of this plethora of resources. Not only that, I believe it is important that we all share the wisdom and experience we have learning in order to help one another improve and to ultimately reach our goal: attending Sheridan! I have only touched the surface of all the potential information and knowledge I have to provide and I hope you all have the same desire as I do to help each other grow and mature as budding animators. Thank you for reading and remember to never stop drawing! Good luck and I look forward to speaking and potentially seeing you all one day in the halls of Sheridan.
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