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    Tetraktys - Composition 1.1

    Hello, Welcome

    Here are 20 of my studies of some gorgeous artwork

    I don`t have any questions at this point so let me show you my observations below:

    Name:  Singer.jpg
Views: 1249
Size:  57.6 KB

    Movement, drama and atmosphere in this gorgeous painting by John Singer Sargent. A very clear arrow in the emphasis of the artwork; the folds of the dress pointing up and across, her body and the shadow cast, arcing up against a left to right direction, this juxtaposition of direction feels as if her movements have a lot of sudden action.

    Name:  bierstadt.jpg
Views: 1190
Size:  71.0 KB

    Albert Bierstadt, Still learning so much from this phenomenal landscape painter. His sense of space and lighting are a few of the things I wish to incorporate in my own art. The visual weight of the tree sets the scale for the entire landscape. Compared to the cart and people coming into the foreground and the castle in the distance.

    Name:  Turner.jpg
Views: 1117
Size:  41.3 KB

    Gorgeous lighting in this night scene by William Turner. Turner repeated rhythms in the sky and in the sea.

    Name:  singer 3.jpg
Views: 1113
Size:  78.0 KB

    Sargent created wondrous variation in the rhythms of the flowers that flow into and around the figures.

    Name:  pyle.jpg
Views: 1200
Size:  69.8 KB

    Howard Pyle, a fantastic storyteller. The group of men that cut through the powerful composition. Primary focus on the torn flag and commander behind and then my focus fell directly on to the younger soldiers in front in white. Injured, beating the drum, marching on.

    Name:  bierstadt 2.jpg
Views: 1124
Size:  69.6 KB

    Albert Bierstadt. Very few straight lines, economy of angular lines. The secondary emphasis of the open field in light draws attention not only because of the light but because of the longest, straightest unbroken angular edge in the whole composition - the tree line in the field of light which is broken up by various tree shapes everywhere else in view. It gives a place to rest.

    Name:  mead.jpg
Views: 1958
Size:  59.9 KB

    Mead Schaeffer. I love the composition from this master of the golden age illustrators. The interplay of repetition of very strong curved arcing shapes and the variation of the smaller more subtle patterns within the composition. From general to specific.

    Name:  bierstadt 3.jpg
Views: 1104
Size:  52.5 KB

    Albert Bierstadt. Economy of the the landscape and clouds in shadow compared to the focus brought by the detail in the light.

    Name:  Singer 2.jpg
Views: 1103
Size:  78.8 KB

    Sargent. I observed the beautiful variation in texture and detail on the walls. I think the male is secondary focus because his is directly within and surrounded by the path of light from the primary but the female with the unity of the doorway adds significant visual weight to the foreground away from the primary emphasis in the background.

    Name:  bierstadt 4.jpg
Views: 1096
Size:  59.5 KB

    Bierstadt. I love the contrast of the more angular rhythms in the house and foreground compared to the more curved and flowing rhythms in the landscape behind.

    Name:  pyle 2.jpg
Views: 1084
Size:  61.0 KB

    Howard Pyle. The Strong diagonal shape of the cavalry charge from upper left to lower right is halted by the juxtaposition of the wall of men that oppose the flow of the direction of the cavalry. Gotta love the rhythms of those swords, and also the economy of the grass where the opposing soldier in the foreground is looking at. I feel a tangible sense of what the soldier in the foreground is experiencing.

    Name:  singer 5.jpg
Views: 1106
Size:  49.9 KB

    Beautiful urban scene by Sargent. I have noticed this in both Sargent, Bierstadt and other artists, particularly paintings of landscapes. The primary focus is almost always in the background to draw attention into space to emphasis and bring focus to depth and distance.

    Name:  singer 4.jpg
Views: 1079
Size:  53.0 KB

    Sargent. I Love so much about this painting but particularly to the focus to the figures right hand and arm that is supporting the figures weight. The primary focus is emphasising the literal and tangible weight of the figure.

    Name:  bierstadt 5.jpg
Views: 1106
Size:  61.7 KB

    Bierstadt. Truly astounding vista, such depth and space. Continuity. The primary emphasis of the background, the clouds cascading down the mountainside from left to right down to the secondary emphasis of the waterfall and rock face and then moving across from right to left to establish the middle ground elements then flowing through the gap in the trees along the shoreline to the foreground element. Albert Bierstadt establishes scale along the continuity of the composition. In order, establishing depth of space first.

    Name:  berkey.jpg
Views: 1200
Size:  85.2 KB

    John Berkey. Has such a huge repetition and variation of angular rhythms in the spaceships, love that juxtaposition of large and small choppy angular rhythms contrasting against the much rounder rhythms of the moon behind again both general to specific.

    Name:  schaeffer.jpg
Views: 1165
Size:  64.0 KB

    Mead Schaeffer. I absolutely love the mood and drama of his artwork. All separate elements in the composition tied together using emphasis to tell a story in order. The single light in a dark room illuminating the gaze of the man pointing a gun at another man, the papers strewn on the floor as if some meeting of business took place, or perhaps maps because of the the globe. a bottle of alcohol on the table made the whole situation turn ugly. Maybe they were deciding where to go, they appear to be on a ship. There are so many possibilities to such an exciting story unfolding as I look longer and longer.

    Name:  syd mead.jpg
Views: 1167
Size:  76.5 KB

    Syd Mead`s gorgeous design of a space ship, building on such simple shapes. I love the repetition and variation of such simple shapes and forms into more complex shapes and forms from general to specific.

    Name:  Moran.jpg
Views: 1086
Size:  57.5 KB

    Thomas Moran. There is something tremendously lost without colour. With colour there is greater visual balance between the large rock face and the primary focus of the buildings sheltered beneath.

    Name:  bierstadt5.jpg
Views: 1098
Size:  61.9 KB

    Bierstadt. Rhythms of the tress repeated in the clouds, the rock face on the left repeated further in the background adding to the sense of distance.

    Name:  hiremy.jpg
Views: 1111
Size:  64.1 KB

    Adolf Hiremy Hireschl. Beautiful fantasy painting, the distance of the primary focus on the right and the focus on the far left adding to the sense of space and distance. So many reaching arms of souls reaching for help from an impending fate, really powerful emotion and mood.

    Thank you for viewing my studies. I learnt a tremendous amount just from these studies alone, master studies I find now to be an essential part of my learning experience.

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    Ok great to see where you are at. When you are first getting started it is very important to really focus in on the mapping out of your shapes as accurately as you can possibly get them. If you put a shape in the wrong place and commit you end up having the other shapes off and require fixing, which increases painting time. By taking just a few extra minutes early on to measure out your shapes, to compare your shapes, and be sure they are placed and drawn accurately will make the rest of the painting process, working out your values and edges, much much easier.

    You should flip the images horizontally and vertically so that you see the shapes with fresh eyes. This should be part of the process and if you are already doing that, keep doing it more. The professional artists will often flip images or use a mirror to see with fresh eyes as many as three or four times a minute as they are working when things really get flowing. You can also back away...actually get up and back away...and doing this works for shapes as well as checking values and edges.

    Keep up the good work.


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