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    Critique my gesture drawings.

    Hello there, i'm not really new to this website, but this is the first time i do a post on the forums apart from the composition exercise from level up, and i'm not sure if this is where this thread should go, so sorry if it should go somewhere else.

    The thing is, i do gesture drawings almost every day, i've been doing it for some months, but i feel like i'm a bit lost with it, i feel like if i don't have someone telling me what is good and bad about them, i'm not gonna get better. I feel like in a roller coaster, some days i draw amazing gesture drawings and the next week they lose their energy.

    I will be posting here the gesture drawings i do every day and i ask you people, if you could give me some critique on them? I will try to improve each day using your advices

    These are the things i usually look for when i do gesture drawings:
    -I try to draw the movement and pose rather than the detail.
    -I try to draw the story, that you are able to tell what the model is doing.
    -How the model is balancing the weight.
    -The force of the action, what leads the movement, if it's an actiony pose.
    -The rhythm of the shapes and lines.
    -I try to exaggerate the pose or the proportions.

    I don't always keep these in mind but i'm working to get them in EVERY gesture i draw.

    Hopefully you can see the image properly
    Name:  Gesture31.png
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    I did pixelovely's class mode so the first ones are 30 sec, some of 60 sec and the last ones are 5 min and 11 min the last one at the bottom.

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    These look all right. Go on.

    If you are going to be posting these every day, then open a sketchbook thread instead of doing it in the Critique forum.

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    Mmh, then i will post for a couple of days and then i will keep doing it in the sketchbook forum, thanks for the comment

    Here's today:
    Name:  Gesture32.png
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    I don't like doing 30 seconds gestures, i feel very pressured and as you can see i can't even finish them in such a short amount of time, but i like them as a warm up for the 5 min and 10 min gestures at the end

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    Today, these are all 60 seconds, tomorrow i'll leave this thread and start a new one in the sketchbook forumName:  Gesture33.png
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