Hey my name is Julian and I hope to post on this fairly often. I have always been interested in art but mainly painted miniatures. Now that I'm going to college for Entertainment design I've decided I want to do illustration or concept art. I have recently started using digital media and will hopefully use this thread to improve in that area. As I feel I will use it the most often. I really enjoy characters and science fiction usually near future or like "Cyber punk". I'll probably be experimenting with mechanical and landscape art to improve my over all ability.

To begin with here are some past pieces I finished near the end of highschool.

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The finished digital one is my most recent completed piece done digitally. It's..pretty awful. I didn't take my time or even use photoshop to it's fullest potential.

The unfinished piece is already leaps ahead of it in my opinion. I have a reference but am using it way less than what I usually do. That is another thing I am working on, using my imagination or less references. I feel that using references is less creative somehow even though I know it's really not. It's just a preexisting stigma.

I am working on anatomy and human figures for drawing and lighting/dynamic colors for painting right now.