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'REPLAY' VOL.1 Steve Ahn Sketchbook - Digital Copy

I’m very excited to share my first SKETCHBOOK is now available to download at GUMROAD. A Collection of 170 sketches (30 pages worth content) that I’ve done over a past year. This sketchbook is loaded with line work, fan art, quick gesture, and design all in black and white and a resolution of 300 dpi. And you can pay whatever you want to pay for the item (minimum $4). You will be able to look at my creative process that I kept training personally on side while I profesionally work at various action shows such as Ben10, The Legend of Korra and TMNT. I hope this sketchbook will help and inspire you, especially those who chase after a career and dream in animation. Every generous contribution you give will be donated at ‘Green Umbrella’ ChildFund Korea to support a child in need around the world.

Thank you so much.