Fantasy Portrait WIP

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    Fantasy Portrait WIP

    Been a while! Wow, the interface has changed in the past couple years!

    Anyway, here's a portrait I'm working on.

    I'm not so worried about things like the pose, anatomy, proportions, and such. Those things will get better with my daily practice. But if you do notice any small issues like hands or face, feel free to point them out. It's still rough enough for me to make plenty of changes.

    It's the lighting/colors that always seem to give me trouble. No matter what approach I use, they never seem to feel right. For this one, I started with a dark color (the deep purple) and started painting the colors over it as both laying down the color, and adding lighting.

    Name:  Ella Portrait.jpg
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    Well you really don't have any variation in your values. The lightest of your skins tones is only marginally lighter then your darkest... same with everything else. Also, you've gone to the lengths to create a light source but you are ignoring it. At that angle her head would be casting shadow across her chest... her top hand would be in full shadow and her bottom hand should be darker then her face because 1. it is farther away from the light source and 2. it is not a main focal point. Also keep in mind, that high collar would and should cast a strong shadow across her face. H

    Slow progress, but progress nonetheless...


    Finished Stuff
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