Art: Carbuncle- Practice with Acrylics

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    Carbuncle- Practice with Acrylics

    I decided I had better just try to emulate a preexisting image instead of tackling my 2nd acrylic painting with both the challenge of learning the medium AND being creative. So, I snagged a few screenshots from Final Fantasy XI (©Square Enix... these screenshots are all their property) of the avatar carbuncle. Whom we all beleive is some sort of Atomic-powered Squirrel.

    Here is the (bmp, sorry) image that I threw together after cropping the screenshots. I printed it out and referenced it as I worked:

    And here is the scan of the painting (I hated to do it on printer paper, but I was short on cash for canvasses.):

    As you can see, it's pretty much a clone of the top left image. However I changed the perspective just a little bit for my own preferences, and instead of just copying that awful 2d ground texture, I made a base of similar color and did a quick little grass-over to bring some life to it.

    The real "carbuncle" is sort of a neon... and according to Maya, that's a special pigment. So the color isn't an exact match, but I tried. I'm content with it, although my perfectionist side wants to rework some areas to get better detail.

    I'm a newbie, so harsh comments will probably be helpful.

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    Hey, good start! Printer paper would be difficult to work with, no doubt about that. You would find blending easier on a much heavier stock, even watercolor paper or Bristol board, but canvas board you'll probably find better yet, and not too expensive.

    "Carbunkle" = an atomic powered squirrel!??! haha! I love it!

    The addition of a shadow under him would be helpful (consider where you want your light source coming from). It might benefit from a bit more in the way of shadows to help round him out bodily also. Now I see what color you were talking's more in the cyan category, and if you have Pthalo green you could get close to it mixed with white for more of an aqua tint.

    If you want more definition in the grass, you could try adding a darker shade of green and adding the suggestion of darker blades here and there, especially if you added a shadow under the squirrel-thingy.

    It's a good start -- keep practicing! Try painting a background color first, let it dry and then paint your subject...see how it affects all the colors you use thereafter....what will give it some punch/make the colors pop.


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