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    Angry Advanced Lighting with Sam Nielson (Painter - Layer problems)???

    In Advanced Lighting with Sam Nielson, how do I paint over an oval, in painter x3 it keeps making automated layers? I'm coming from photoshop. Thanks

    My brush is set to pencil 2b. I have Canvas - 1st layer and second layer is oval. When i try to paint over the oval it keeps creating new layer. If i click on 'preserve transparency' a new layer isn't created but the white doesn't go over the top?

    thank you

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    You made the oval as a shape. Shapes are in their own "special" layer which you can't paint on. Right click on the oval layer and select Convert to Default Layer. This makes the layer to a normal layer which you can paint on and also converts the oval from a vector shape to a bitmap (or whatever is the correct term).

    You can also paint on oval by making an oval selection and filling it.

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    i'm taking this class too on schoolism. It's self taught thought .What i have seen you can use photoshop.It's better for masking.


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