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    Bearmissile Color & Light 1.1

    So I spent longer than 3 hours on this cause I'm a rebel and stuff. I hadn't been happy with my last self portrait attempt and I wanted to see what would happen if I put a more serious effort into it. I kind of quit when I felt like I had reached a point of diminishing returns though seeing as how it was supposed to be a 3 hour exercise to begin with.

    It's still got some issues. The glasses in particular are bugging me and the hair is kind of flat but overall I think it's a lot better than my last attempt; really I think the major difference was thinking about form as opposed to shape. Doing some drawings of spheres and whatnot beforehand would've helped. It was one of those things that everyone had suggested but I had kind of overlooked with a "oh yeah that's simple, I already get it" type of attitude. In retrospect I should've listened. To any beginners who may be reading this if I had any advice to give it would be to *execute* concepts that you learn no matter how simple they may seem. Sometimes you feel like you understand something while you're watching it being demonstrated but when you go to do it yourself you find that's not the case.

    I had picked a really subtle lighting situation for this one to see if I could capture it. I had a desk lamp behind my monitor and my computer tower and mirror to my left, both of which were reflecting light.

    Critiques are appreciated. I included a picture of myself in a kinda-sorta similar angle. I cut my hair but you get the idea
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    Great job on this one Bearmissle!

    I'm new at this critiquing, but I feel like the mass light can be pushed just a little bit more especially on the top left part of the forehead closest to the viewer. Its hard to really find anything wrong from my perspective it looks great!! Great job dude

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    Nice start here. Be sure you gesture in a bit of the collar or bust so that it is not a floating head...unless floating head is your intent, which whenever you have a good reason for, is just fine. You can increase your value range. Notice the hotter spot of light on most the forehead and also hitting the cheeks and nose.

    For the traditional piece, at the stage you are at it would help to take a soft piece of tshirt or sweatshirt cloth and lightly smear across the entire piece which will create an atmospheric middle value. Then go in with a kneaded eraser and lift out the mass lights and highlights. Then go back in with charcoal and use hatchery to add core shadows and any darks that you see. That will bring all the textures together and increase your value range.


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