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  • Yuushin7

    7 16.67%
  • 2dfreshnes

    1 2.38%
  • Joseph Church

    4 9.52%
  • Smapel

    1 2.38%
  • Hubfish

    12 28.57%
  • JustIceAU

    1 2.38%
  • popicok

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  • myotismon

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  • Romache

    24 57.14%
  • SorrowCow

    3 7.14%
  • Ruineth

    1 2.38%
  • diquet

    2 4.76%
  • clouddreamer7

    1 2.38%
  • MarkThacker

    3 7.14%
  • jtendollar

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    CHOW #355 :: Crazy Pirate Cook :: FINALS

    CHOW #355 :: Crazy Pirate Cook :: FINALS

    Character of the Week #355
    The Crazy Pirate Cook

    Deadline - Sunday, June 29th 10PM GMT

    This week's topic is suggested by PxelSlayer. Thanks!

    Aboard the The Serpent pirate ship there are many different characters which makes the crew quite infamous. One in particular is their cook. In order to become a member, you have to survive a meal from him. He has a reputation of creating such foul dishes that it is known to kill people and quite often. The crew members are fortunate that he serves them something edible. In the cook's eyes, his meals are delicious and also experimental. When they have "guests" or prisoners, they let the cook handle it. You are better off starving to death than suffering a terrible fate prepared by this crazy pirate.

    The Guidelines:
    • Can be male or female
    • Must be human.
    • They are a pirate!
    • Must include a prepared, deadly dish!
    • Backgrounds are permitted this week. Don't forget what the focus is in the challenge.
    • Genre is fantasy

    The Rules
    • Finals must be posted in the finals thread before the deadline
    • Final post must include the CHoW # and the artists username at the bottom of the image within, at least, a footer bar(TYPED, NOT WRITTEN)
    • At least 3/4 of the character must be visible. No back views are allowed without a front please.
    • Only ONE character please.
    • Sketches or rushed artwork will not be accepted into the poll
    • No photograph paint overs, must be 100% original work
    • At least two wips posted with your final in the finals thread
    • NO ENVIRONMENT BACKGROUNDS! You may use simple shapes,gradients or silhouettes
    • Please read through the thread for any posts made by the mod. They likely answered a question that was asked about the challenge!
    • Have fun!


    Visit my website for additional info.
    “If people knew how hard I worked to get my mastery, it wouldn't seem so wonderful after all.”
    ― Michelangelo
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    Green Marius~ This guy missed his proffession! He's more of an artist then a cook He's extremely bipolar, really unpredictable mood swings so everyone is carefull around him so they don't end up pierced up on his fork hand, as next possible meal (art experiment) If there was TV in his time he would totally love "Hannibal"
    He is always "armed" with all sorts of cooking utensils, even in his sleep. He keeps them close like his other shipmates hold onto their weapons....He even uses them often as weapons actually. xD

    Name:  Crazy pirate cook.jpg
Views: 1025
Size:  326.1 KBName:  a.jpg
Views: 905
Size:  166.3 KBwip's are in here
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    Name:  process.jpg
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    Crazy Pirate Chinese Cook with today's special take-out.Name:  pirate5.png
Views: 909
Size:  815.7 KBName:  pirate.png
Views: 937
Size:  214.5 KBName:  pirate_wip.png
Views: 899
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    Here is my final!! This challenge was a lot of fun!
    Name:  pirate-cookd.jpg
Views: 845
Size:  279.0 KB
    Name:  pirate-cook2f.jpg
Views: 836
Size:  93.4 KB

    Last edited by Joseph Church; June 28th, 2014 at 01:14 PM.
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    Here it is! No time to color.
    CHOW #355 :: Crazy Pirate Cook :: FINALS
    CHOW #355 :: Crazy Pirate Cook :: FINALSCHOW #355 :: Crazy Pirate Cook :: FINALS

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    Here's my final character. I thought of him as a toad as I thought it fitted well with an "ugly cook"

    Name:  PirateCook_wip01.jpg
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Size:  897.3 KB
    Name:  PirateCook_wip02.jpg
Views: 866
Size:  1.25 MB
    Name:  PirateCook_wip03.jpg
Views: 868
Size:  1.11 MB

    Name:  PirateCook_Final.jpg
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Size:  1.36 MB

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    Name:  CHOW 355 Crazy Pirate Cook Final WIP sml.jpg
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Size:  268.0 KB

    Name:  CHOW 355 Crazy Pirate Cook Final sml.jpg
Views: 837
Size:  283.3 KB

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    Crazy Pirate Cook

    This guy was once the Marquis de l'Ectere. He was found by the crew of the Serpent floating on a raft fashioned from the wreck of his previous ship, which had been transporting him from the colonies back to France to face justice for unspeakable crimes. Though alone on the raft, he seemed well fed and in excellent health, and rapidly adjusted to the pirate life, soon finding a range of empty bunks to occupy. He continues to affect the iron mask he was found with, though he long ago freed himself. The crew treat him with caution despite being vicious ravening toughs to a man; this unfortunate fellow has made the mistake of refusing to sample the soup..

    Name:  cook-final-2.jpg
Views: 781
Size:  267.5 KB

    Attached Images Attached Images    
    Last edited by popicok; June 29th, 2014 at 01:05 PM. Reason: shrunk wip, leg tweak
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    Name:  bozze.jpg
Views: 825
Size:  235.8 KBName:  crazycook.jpg
Views: 823
Size:  140.8 KB

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    My final
    Name:  Crazy_Pirate_Cook_conceptart_org.jpg
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Size:  493.6 KB

    Name:  Crazy_Pirate_Cook_WIP.jpg
Views: 796
Size:  363.1 KB

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    Here is my entry. Great fun as always. Nice stuff people!

    Also, I entered late but I'd still very much appreciate any feedback if possible, Thank you!

    Name:  cook final2.jpg
Views: 794
Size:  233.8 KBName:  wip1cook.jpg
Views: 785
Size:  262.5 KBName:  wip0cook.jpg
Views: 790
Size:  175.6 KB

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    I tried ^^

    This Pirate Cook is completely insane but rather timid. He is ruled and bullied by his parrot puppet, although it sometimes helps out, it thinks it is better at cooking than the cook but has no idea what it is on about and ends up making the cook serve up something completely inedible, often alive. He is brainwashed by the 'parrot' that is it delicious...
    Of course it is all in the cook's head... But no-one would dare insult him, commonly he makes toxic servings for those who dare challenge the superb-ness of the meals or make fun of the parrot.
    Name:  cook6.png
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Size:  980.8 KB
    Name:  WEEEPS.png
Views: 768
Size:  454.7 KB

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    Phew! Just finished my first ever CHOW! Name:  CHOW crazy pirate cook FINAL.jpg
Views: 782
Size:  179.7 KB
    Name:  CHOW crazy pirate cook Colour WIP.jpg
Views: 1001
Size:  129.3 KBName:  CHOW Crazy Pirate Lineart.jpg
Views: 789
Size:  811.7 KB
    Bring on the next one!

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