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  • Si_Swe

    4 14.81%
  • VegasMike

    5 18.52%
  • AlexeyTuarev

    0 0%
  • scorge

    4 14.81%
  • Bobby Rebholz

    3 11.11%
  • .pc

    0 0%
  • Rob Powell

    1 3.70%
  • ChromaticCodex

    3 11.11%
  • Bel696

    7 25.93%
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    COW #324: Multi-headed Melanistc Dragon - VOTING!

    COW #324: Multi-headed Melanistc Dragon - VOTING!

    VOTING IS NOW OPEN! Please vote for which entry you feel best adheres to the topic's brief and requirements, based on the concept's design, creativity, execution, etc!
    If you have submitted an entry to this thread please refrain from voting for your own entries. I will deduct your vote from your entry if you do so.
    In the event of a multi-vote round please avoid voting for more than 3 or 4 entries. Votes won't be deducted if you do so, but keep in mind your vote is essentially wasted if you decide to vote for every single entry.
    You may critique and comment on the submitted entries if you like. As long as you play nice!

    Round Requirements:
    -must have two or more heads
    -mostly black
    -must be a dragon
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    Art is not about competing against others and being better than everyone else, but it is about competing against yourself and discovering your greatest potential!

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    Artist: Si_Swe

    Concept: Umbriamat

    Winds black with smoke follow wings black as night. Of all of Tiamat's spawn, surely the night-black terror haunts the most minds in twilight hours. It is a terrible fate to be caught in its jaws... or its other jaws... or its other jaws... or all of its jaws. Really, meeting it just isn't a very pleasant experience on the whole.

    Name:  COW324.png
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    Black Dragon

    Artist: Vegasmike

    Concept: Black Dragon
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    Adam Vehige aka VegasMike
    Check out my gallery!:

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    Artist: Alexey Turaev

    dragon Dasha

    Here is my dragon, she name is Dahsa. She is funny and cute.)
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    Artist: scorge

    Concept: Tri Face Black Dragon

    The only of its kind, this never before seen rare dragon shares the heads of three, each having their own mind and ambitions. The brains of the operation is seen in the front, his leadership has kept the brothers alive for centuries. The dumbass of the three can be seen in the top left, his breath and mind both foul and stupid. The poor chap staring at his ass all the time is the unfortunate victim of genetics, but his firey breath will fry your soul. Lamest description ever.
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    Check it out
    Blog, we've all got em:
    Creatures Galore!
    Full gallery o'

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    Artist: Bobby Rebholz

    Concept: Bakohro

    The Bakohro is a menacing dragon sent to protect the borders of the Nilai Realm. Having fought and won many battles by both land and air, this beast has earned it's place as the deadliest creature alive.
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    Artist: .pc

    Concept: The Obsidian King

    The only mutant variant of the already terrifying silver dragons of the mountains. It is darker, significantly larger, tougher,and has 2 more heads than its silver counterparts.

    Name:  cow324.jpg
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    sketchbook <- help me improve!

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    Artist: Rob Powell

    Concept: Ambrevatt

    It is said that this fearsome beast exists with an everlasting hunger, because it has many mouths to feed. No, seriously it has six of them...have you ever tried to satisfy six hungry heads? It's not easy...
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    Art is not about competing against others and being better than everyone else, but it is about competing against yourself and discovering your greatest potential!

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    Artist: Chromaticcodex

    Concept: Melanistic Five-headed Dragon

    Name:  blkDragon2.gif
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    Red face

    Artist: Bel696

    Concept: Vernothyrx

    Name:  Vernothyrx.jpg
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    Not too many entries, but what lacks in quantity is made up for in quality! Everyone made some great work this round! So many awesome dragons!

    No cuts this week...

    Managed to write up some crits and comments as the pieces came in so... here ye be! Will take a bit to ponder my vote, Bel696 is very tempting but don't want to jump the gun just because of the least not yet...VegaMike, Si_Swe, and Bobby Rebholz are on my shortlist as well...

    Si_Swe: Cool stuff, Simon! I like the texturing on it's skin and wings, as well as the subtle hints to colouration on it's skin. I'm not sure if it's jsut the lighting but it appears there's a bit of an issue with the foreshortening on the horns of the main head. It appears that it jutts straight out on the far side of it's head, while on the otherside closer to the viewer it appears to go back as opposed to straight out. I'm not entirely sold on the repeating spikes along the wings. Also the horns on the shoulders appear a little bit out of place I find it hard to see how they actually articulate with it's anatomy, and may even interfere with the movement of it's wings. Love the Jaws on the secondary heads though, reminds me of the Helicoprion in a way. And the Subsurface Scattering looks cool as well, works well with the blackish colouration.

    VegasMike: Look at that beastie!! An epic dragon painted into an epic scene! Only thing that would make this even more epic would be a great thunderbolt shooting across in the background. Also liking those scaly textures going on as well. Some of the texturing on the wings I feel may be interfering with the depth on their undersides a bit. Overall an epic, in case I haven't mentioned it already!

    AlexeyTuarev: Quite an epic scene as well, a fairly good attention to detail without overdoing it (unlike someone I know). The pose seems a bit stiff, try to work with some fluid gestural linework while sketching and try to work it into a more dynamic pose. This may even work better with a more dynamic angle as well, something lower pushing the perspective of the dragon to give it a more dominent presence in the scene. Some heavier contrast or chiaroscuro could make this piece seem a lot more bolder as well. Finally the pose of the right head is fine, but the other head I feel might work better if it were facing the viewer a bit more or even turned to the right also (perhaps tilted up a bit) as it seems to mess with the composition a bit having both heads face the opposite directions. And finally, could try to push the red rim lighting to be a bit stronger, even making the fog a reddish hue as it would still indeed pick up some of the lighting that appears to only want to hit the dragon and the rock for some reason...ok I'm done, I suppose any grammar nazis will be pulling their hair out reading that...

    scorge: I chuckled at your description. I definitely thought the left head looked a bit derpy, but I guess since he's supposed to be a derp it makes sense. I find it a bit odd how almos the entire dragon has a very rough skin texture but the poor chap has some smoother looking skin almost makes it feel like he's not supposed to be there. I get that he's going back inot space, but some subtle indications of the texture can help incorparate all three heads as a whole. Very neat scenario as they are simply fishing rather than pillaging the livestock of some random village, like most dragons would do for food.

    Bobby Rebholz: Another killer piece you've contributed here Bobby! He's a very mean looking bastard! One little nitpick I notice the eye on the left head seems a bit out of place making it seem a tiny bit odd, I feel like there should be a bit of separation between the eye and it's crest going off of it's other head, but that's just me, I'm probably babbling a bunch of nonsense. Love the sail on it's neck just behind it's twin heads!

    .pc: The painting is well executed with a neat composition. The design seems a tad bit generic as the silhouette appears a bit over simplified with no spikes and horns and all that goodness. I think you could've pushed it to be a bit blacker as well, perhaps with some rim lighting from the lightsource coming from the background to make it pop a bit.

    ChromaticCodex: You always work well with these colourful pieces. Even still, you were able to portray the dragon as black even with the colourful palette. Some tighter rendering and texturing mainly on the two heads to the bottom left could've helped a bit I find. Also the purple spines could've blended with the creature's values a bit more as they faded away so they don't look too out of place.

    Bel696: Awesome seeing you stop by once again! That is one badass dragon you got there! I can see this beast in a Diablo game or on a Magic card, very cool illustrative work you've got as well. I would've liked to see a bit more of the dragon so we can get a better grasp of it's design but I think there's just enough of it showing that we can get the jist of it. Although it does seem a bit congested compositionally so a bit of free space could've helped it a little bit. Otherwise awesome piece!
    Last edited by Rob Powell; July 6th, 2014 at 12:18 AM.
    Art is not about competing against others and being better than everyone else, but it is about competing against yourself and discovering your greatest potential!

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