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    Which should i start first? Character or environment

    I wanted to start learning how to draw and have been pondering on whether i should start either learning character or environment art. If i start with character art i'd have to learn anatomy, figure drawing, clothings and etc and if i go with environment art first i'd have to learn prespective and...(pardon my lack of knowledge.) Or should i just do both? But which one should i start first?

    Either of them will take a long time to master but to my understanding anatomy/character art seems to be what artists learn first before going into environment or etc.

    I'm still not ready to touch on digital arts since i basically have to have knowledge on the specific art that i want to focus on before diving into digital arts, so right now i'm still stuck on traditional art.

    I hope you guys can answer my questions, thanks!

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    Well, this is late. I'll just post this anyway since it's useful info.

    During my time at art college, we started with figures first. First with simple gestures before we get to learn any sort of anatomy, so that the poses are fluid.

    Around the same time as figures, that is parallel to the lessons, we learn portrait drawing. So figures focuses on the body, and portraits on the face and shading. For portraits, we find clear pictures to use and draw from.

    The progression of figures is, if I remember clearly: gestures, basic anatomy (skeleton, proportions), 2D figures (using basic skeleton), 3D figures (using cylinders for arms, etc), more advanced anatomy (muscle names and groups). For reference we either draw by the statues in the class or by website. Clothing doesn't really start until you get the bodies underneath right first.

    As for environments, we learned basic perspective (1-point and 2-point) with basic objects, then we learn live sketching (drawing form real life). Then we combine the two by replicating a real room and the objects in it using photographs.

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