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    Help with emulating a fictional artist.

    I'm making a gift for a friend of mine. We both love the game Dishonored, so I'm painting something in the style of the in-game fictional artist Delilah Copperspoon. (Examples: Here, here and here.)

    ... Unfortunately I am having one hell of a time replicating the style because she uses so many colours that I'm having a lot of difficulty nailing down a colour scheme that works. The example I'm trying to emulate the most is the second one I linked.

    I've analysed the examples as best as I could. Even though "Delilah" uses a wide variety of colours, for the most part they're not haphazardly placed -- the top right corner has a lot of analogous, warm colours. The top left has cooler colours, and the colours purple and blue recur throughout all her work so I've tried to replicate that in my own piece. She has sharp shapes and thorny imagery in her examples and often turns fingers into more claw-like shapes.

    But even though she uses a lot of colours you can see the colours repeated and reflected throughout the piece -- in example #2 you see green beside the woman's neck, but you also see it in the bottom right corner, and you often see complementary colours paired together whilst also being surrounded by analogous colours.

    But ARGH, it's difficult coming up with my own colours!

    Attached is the best colour rough I've been able to come up with so far but even then I'm really not happy with it. I'd really appreciate some pointers or suggestions. (Please ignore the terrible drawing, I've been focusing more on the colours so the drawing is very, VERY rough.)
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    These use color mosaic of bright brushstrokes to emulate a composite tone, for a shimmering effect. Your attempt uses blocks of bright color.

    You could try painting something with a definite color scheme, and experiment with varying the colors after you define the lighting. But a lot of alla prima oil painting is done like this already - by creating a careful mosaic of brushstrokes. This style merely exaggerates the color differences between the brushstrokes to the max.

    In general, get "Color and Light" by Gurney and paint a lot from life. "Brushwork Essentials" by Weber could also help.

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    Drop the third painting, the witch, because it isn't compositionally or stylistically as similar as the other two. Reanalyze.

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