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    Ink's Blots: Inksword's Sketchbook

    Hi everyone! I'm a recently graduated animation student striving to improve herself (and hopefully find a job soon too.)

    You can see my thesis project that I finished my senior year on Vimeo >here< and my current demo reel is >here<!

    Now for some of my drawn art in no particular order!

    Name:  Otter_smile.png
Views: 422
Size:  208.9 KB

    Name:  Pastel_deer.png
Views: 387
Size:  160.6 KB

    Name:  Rajit_drawing.png
Views: 379
Size:  172.8 KB

    Name:  rattata_sketch_color.png
Views: 399
Size:  144.3 KB

    Name:  Kangaskhan_sunset_pallete.png
Views: 384
Size:  50.3 KB

    Name:  80s_hikari.png
Views: 382
Size:  156.9 KB

    Name:  Bob_background_small.png
Views: 386
Size:  345.9 KB

    Name:  butterflies_horsetaur.png
Views: 395
Size:  321.3 KB

    Name:  Dom_in_heels_for_vulte.png
Views: 395
Size:  922.9 KB

    Name:  Fullbody_Com_for_leinadobtrebla_BG_BLURRED.png
Views: 376
Size:  1,019.4 KB

    Name:  Kangaskhan_sketch_color.png
Views: 399
Size:  173.7 KB

    Name:  Nimona_fanart_Blackheart.png
Views: 386
Size:  526.9 KB

    Name:  Nun_icon.png
Views: 376
Size:  100.0 KB

    Name:  pangolinguy_pangy.png
Views: 389
Size:  300.5 KB


    I'm also interested in being a colorist! Here's some stuff that I didn't draw, but I did color!

    Name:  wonderwoman_by_olivernome-d31kbik.png
Views: 392
Size:  966.2 KB
    Lines done by Oliver Nome

    Name:  gammeanddexterFIN_.png
Views: 375
Size:  462.2 KB
    Lines are done by my good friend Charr and features both of our characters!

    Name:  alterity_034_test1.png
Views: 393
Size:  945.4 KBName:  alterity_034_test3_FIX.png
Views: 404
Size:  623.0 KB
    These are both from a test I did for the webcomic Alterity drawn by Mewitti (Tumblr). I'm going to start coloring pages regularly soon!
    Attached Images Attached Images  

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    Superb style and work.
    I dig it!!!

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    Thank you! I do want to expand my horizon's style-wise and I like emulating other people's styles, but I'm glad you like my own style!

    And now for some gesture/pose type sketches I did. These ones weren't pulled from observation, just me working on coming up with my own poses and exaggeration

    Name:  Gestures 7.png
Views: 342
Size:  159.7 KB
    Name:  Gestures 6.png
Views: 318
Size:  75.3 KB
    Name:  Gestures 5.png
Views: 338
Size:  339.1 KB
    Name:  Gestures 4.png
Views: 331
Size:  234.5 KB
    Name:  Gestures 3.png
Views: 347
Size:  135.1 KB
    Name:  Gestures2.png
Views: 322
Size:  210.5 KB
    Name:  Gestures1.png
Views: 348
Size:  196.2 KB

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    I kinda forgot to update this thread for a while oops!

    I've been having fun lately turning pokemon designs into magical girl outfits

    Name:  Magical_girl_turtwig.png
Views: 331
Size:  205.7 KB

    Name:  Magical_girl_bidoof.png
Views: 310
Size:  199.3 KB

    Name:  Magical_girl_abomasnow.png
Views: 317
Size:  201.1 KB

    Name:  Magical_girl_snover.png
Views: 329
Size:  220.9 KB

    Name:  Magical_girl_luxio.png
Views: 318
Size:  134.2 KB

    Name:  Magical_girl_shinx.png
Views: 322
Size:  104.6 KB

    Name:  Magical_girl_shellos.png
Views: 301
Size:  202.9 KB

    Name:  Magical_girl_rapidash.png
Views: 307
Size:  240.5 KB

    Name:  Magical_girl_ponyta.png
Views: 296
Size:  148.6 KB

    Name:  Magical_girl_noctowl.png
Views: 297
Size:  202.6 KB

    Name:  Magical_girl_budew.png
Views: 301
Size:  162.9 KB

    Name:  Magical_girl_roselia.png
Views: 295
Size:  204.9 KB

    Name:  Magical_girl_starly.png
Views: 290
Size:  227.0 KB

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