Tiger and Mitsubishi Zero WIP Critique

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    Tiger and Mitsubishi Zero WIP Critique

    Greetings, this is my first post, and I would like to receive some critques for these two illustrations.

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    The former is a Tiger tank which I painted a while ago. I am already aware of the fact that the colours may be a bit too saturated, and the background needs work. However, I would like to see what other issues you can find.

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    The latter is a Mitsubishi Zero. This is a work in progress, hence the tailplane and parts of the fusalage are not yet detailed. I believe there may be some issues regarding the palette, since this work was unplanned (it was initially a 5-min doodle which eventually overran and ate much far more time than ever intended).

    In particular I would like to hear some tips for background and aircraft detailing.

    Thanks in advance, and best regards.


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    Value-wise your nice vehicles are getting lost against the backgrounds a bit. Also, with the plane, the composition is hurt by the way the right wing and rear fin appear to touch.

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    Thank you for the advice.

    I believe I had a lucky break with the tail - it turns out the one currently up was in the wrong proportions. So now instead of being aligned with the wing, it is behind it.

    I should probably plan these kind of illustraions more thoroughly.

    Best regards.

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