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    So you disregarded my advice about retaliating? That again was not an apology as TinyBird has pointed out. I notice in a number of places you state the original problem was years ago - October 2013 is even a year. No one can see what you're about on your website as you are required to log in - great way to sell yourself. You're not great at explaining yourself anywhere on the net.
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    oh hey guys check it out great job offer here from our boy vexel...or 2013:

    but wait its back again 2014:

    clearly not enough interest so here it is again with a bonus...nice:
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    This is the apology I feel VS needs to give out in multiple communities:

    Dear artists and art enthusiasts,

    We (I) have made many considerable errors in judgement since last October. We (I) were out of line when we (I) accused the artist in question of being unprofessional and doing bad work. Our (my) attempt to destroy the artist's reputation in multiple communities through multiple threads was exceedingly unprofessional and uncalled for and we (I) are very sorry.

    Additionally, we (I) apologize for being overly defensive, unjustly argumentative, and accusing multiple members of being one person while spreading derogatory false accusations about those members. We (I) still have a lot to learn about this industry and we (I) want to do our best to set things right.

    We (I) do not intend to change the name of Vexel Studios because we (I) need to take full responsibility for our (my) actions and show people that we (I) have grown from this experience, rather than hide from it.

    Again, we (I) are deeply sorry for the issues we (I) have started.

    Thank you for your time,
    Vexel Studios

    This would be a reasonably nice apology....but it won't happen. Not unless it's followed with something like- "but we were dealing with a bad artist."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Benedikt View Post
    You're in a pretty deep ditch right now, and the funny thing is that you keep digging with so much enthusiasm.
    That is the secret to getting into deep ditches...
    Grinnikend door het leven...
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