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    My sketchbook of characters and studies

    Hello! I'm a media arts and animation major that graduated in 2012. My favorite thing to do in the world is draw and design characters. I'm always seeking to improve, so any advice anyone can give is very much appreciated!

    So here is one of my most recent sketches. A little vampire boy. He was a character I drew ages ago in collage and never really did anything with. I'm planning on revisiting his design so I can have him in my character portfolio for animation. I have a couple of ideas of which direction to go with him, including having him dressed in modern clothes with a touch of old school vampire in it.

    One of things I'm stuck on is what cartoon style to go with this. My usual style is a mix of disney/anime (that's how some people describe it as). I want to try and explore a bit outside of that, which I tried to do here. But I'm not sure where to go next for inspiration/reference of style. Anyone have a idea of what artists I can look at for that?Name:  VampBoy.png
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    What a sweet bunch of character drawings!

    And, it all depends on what you want to achieve, I think. If you're thinking of branching outside of anime/cartoonish, are you looking at realism? There are tons of sketchbooks here that might inspire you! Good luck!

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    Some sketches!

    Been about a month or so since I last posted. Life got busy and I wasn't as proactive as I wanted to be on here. Been drawing in my sketchbook, just have not posted anything. Hopefully I can change that so I can at least update on here once a week.

    So here's some stuff. First image I did is of a Chinese Victorian steampunk character that I would like to add to my character concept portfolio. This shows the final pass of her design. I have several pages of concept ideas for her, but for now just wanted to show this. As much as I like her design, I'm wondering if her design would be eye catching enough to have in my portfolio. Still I like her design. Her back story is that she's a Chinese immigrant that worked on the railroads before an accident left her without an arm and a leg. She was able to get a prosthetic arm and leg, but that put her into massive debt, which thus caused her to be forced to work at a brothel to pay it all off efficiently.
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    Second image is a quick sketch I did while going home on the bus. Ironically I was listening to Evanescence's "Breath No More" when I got inspired to draw this. Don't get why it inspired this image in my head, but it did. Pretty sure some stuff is majorly off since I don't draw back views very much. Like the image though, so I may take a 2nd pass at it, with corrections.
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