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    Really need some advice

    Hey guys
    I need some honest advice here. I want to be an artist. I have always admired art and it fascinates me to no end. More than all I love game and digital art. It is the area that captures my interest the most. In high school I began drawing pictures of art in the games and wanted to continue this dream throughout college. I bought my first tablet and my own copy of photoshop and was thrilled to death, but as I went through college I began drawing less and less to the point where I get frustrated thinking of what to do. I have a hard time keeping a sketchbook and I have not drawn in a few weeks now.

    I am now trying to learn how to use my tablet and move on but now I am just getting frustrated. I feel like I have no one to talk to about this situation and I feel like I'm falling behind. I am transfering to an art school in the fall but lately I've been thinking that I may have taken on something much bigger than I thought.

    I don't want to lose my interest in art I really love it and want to go into it. Especially with games and stories. I think of things I want to draw everyday but I feel like they are out of my league. I feel like I only have three years left to get ten times better than I am before I get hit by the real world and the main thought I keep thinking is; Am I really cut out to be an artist?

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    Not to be mean or anything, but how can anyone tell you if you are cut out to be an artist without ever seeing one of your pieces?

    Also, ask yourself if you actually want to be an artist or if you just like the idea of being a video game artist. Everyone thinks its cool to just draw aliens and spaceships all day, but very few actually have the drive to go and get the skills to make it happen.

    Finally, and perhaps most importantly, check this out --->

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    I totally agree what gtm1260 is saying, but also sometimes when I'm down, unmotivated, or feel I'm not progressing/ improving or just in a rut, I like looking at other artists work and progression, so check out noob to pro, it quite amazing seeing these artist that once drew like you and now at the top of their game, just remember this journey takes years just to get to a decent level and that every artist will go thru some sort of self doubt, your got to push on through and it will get easier.

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