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    Advice on spend some cash

    Next month I am consiering in inverting in some digital art equipment. I dont have much experiance with any of it. All I use now is a bamboo and an aging laptop running ubuntu.

    I've a fair amount of funds to invest and am considering a cintiq 24hd or a cintiq 24hd touch. I am not to sold on the touch because I doubt I'd use the function much and its a lot more expensive. Are there any viable alternatives with screens as large as these?

    I'll also need to buy a computer to attach it to. I'd like to get a laptop since I need one anyway. The ones I've been looking at are the Envy 5 touchsmart or asus g750. But I am concerned they wont be powerful enough. Dose anyone have any advice on using a laptop with a cintiq? I dont want to spend a lot only to find out it runs laggy.

    I've also considered killing two birds with one stone and getting a cinitq companion. But I'm concerned the working space will be to small for me as I'm used to working A3 and upwards.

    I've spent days researching and haven't really found much advice on my situation. I guess because the cintiqs are usually used in a work environment where a desktop pc is usually present.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    links to laptops
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    I'm not too sure about the cintiq, But i use an intuos 5 touch... and I can say that the hand gestures for zoom and rotate canvas...come in real handy.

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    From my experience I would see if hardware check these points:

    - i7 processor;
    - at least 8GB ram, Now I have 16GB and it is awesome for having lots of apps at once, you even forget to close them;
    - SSD hard for quick opening and closing programs. I would even choose HDD now at all. I have HDD at home and I have my working laptop with SSD drive and it opens PS, AI and other creative programs in 2 seconds.

    I wouldn't choose companion line because ultra portable art station is only in the baby steps and these devices are only 1st tryouts from wacom, it also will become old quickly and battery life as for portable stuff not very great if you are planning for a long art sessions.

    I can't say anything about large cintiqs with 22+ size. But I have changed my bamboo and intuos to Cintiq 13HD and I don't understand how I have lived without it before. Now I can be more precise with my lines and I don't need to zoom in too frequently or use undo for a better line. Direct screen drawing is much better.

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    Those two laptops are plenty powerful for driving a Cintiq. The 24" Cintiqs, despite being quite big, only have 1920x1200 resolution - those laptops you mentioned have 1920x1080 displays already, so there's no real worry on it being hard to drive, especially if what you do is simply 2D (2D is more processor intensive, and doesn't really make much use of the GPU). You'd be concerned for performance if you do 3D or some video effects and rendering, as that would require at least some sort of capable GPU (the G750JH you linked has a GTX 780M, which is Nvidia's top of the line mobile card, so it's plenty plenty powerful).

    As for the Cintiq Companion, it's incredibly overpriced for the specs you get - it has an Ivy Bridge CPU (that's almost 2 generations ago of Intel processors, we're nearing Broadwell for late 2014). Perhaps Wacom will release a refresh of it this year? Of course it still has the best pen it it's class (that is, compared to other Wacom Penabled tablet PCs such as the Surface Pro 2 and the T902). Ultimately it's up to you to decide if you need the tilt and rotation recognition of the pen while on the go.

    Those two laptops should be powerful enough for the Cintiq 24HD, and the Cintiq Companion may well be too expensive for what you get. I also agree that the touch version of the 24HD isn't worth it - I've read reports that it's really flaky especially on Adobe applications.

    My 2 cents.
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    Before throwing your saving after a cintiq, consider the alternatives - Yiynova and monoprice. Ive no cintiq experience myself, but I can vouch for the Yiynova. Check Ray Frendens reviews if you havent already. The price alone makes it worth thinking about at least.

    Hope you find what you need

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