Please go back to CA 2.0

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    Exclamation Please go back to CA 2.0

    I'm not sure if I'm the only one who feels this way, but the new layout for has too much going on (eye candy). The chat feature is nice and the profile bar is a nice feature as well. I think the featured pieces should be displayed in tiles like the featured artists used to then put the sponsor ads underneath the featured tiles.

    I really liked the simplicity of 2.0, just throwing and idea/opinion out there.

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    Yes! It used to be way better. Better = simpler.
    When i was joined with this community, it was nice, simple (without too much bells and whistles), straight to the point art forum with no aggressive selling, and with a LOT of content. After the biggest update, which took so long time to be ready, that many users start to look for other forums and so on. And so did i. I found cghub and it was great. I barely used any other forum besides cghub and it looked to be growing. After they closed their doors, i was looking what's going on in here (since i still have an account in here) and to be honest, its not pleasant. Forum is under maintenance way too often, attaching images are confusing and sketchbook page looks awful (big thumbnails). - AND it's quiet. It used to be like if u are posting your sketches, it was gone from the first page in a half an hour. Now, however, you can see 2-3 days old posts on first page, with no feedback. I think i'm not the only one who sees and feels like that. From my, regular user, point of view, it looks like you were fixing something which was not broken. Don't know was it (constructive) criticism or what, but i feel like that every time i (still) visit this page. So... maybe you want know.

    PS! And now... when i was trying to post my reply, forum was logged out somehow. I had same experience many times, so luckily i did ctrl+c before hitting "post quick reply". Otherwise i would not waste my time on this post anymore. And you can't read it. And it deepens my discomfortness(?).

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