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    Chains Are Meant To Be Broken -SocietysChains Sketchbook!

    Hi all!
    Quick intro about me...My name is John Wilson. I'm currently a junior in high school. Everything I've learned is self taught as I didn't have the opportunity to join art until this year of high school and I am forced to go through Art 1 in my school to 'learn the fundamentals'. My favorite medium is watercolor paint, but sometimes I cheat on graphite and charcoal a bit. I have a Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch tablet so expect some digital work here and there!

    Some things unrelated to Art:
    I'm a twin! (Ferternal twins only difference between my brother and I is that I have hazel eyes o_O) ! I play piano and alto saxophone and guitar. I also play a few sports and I'm a lifeguard. Oh and this is my sketchbook

    (Oh btw I have a tumblr at SocietysChains so some of my art work will have multiple pictures so I apologize in advance for a mess of over-contrasted and useless photos and if that is against the rules :/)

    Name:  autumn lakennew3.png
Views: 502
Size:  738.9 KBName:  autumn lakennew4.png
Views: 396
Size:  539.4 KBName:  autumn lakennew2.png
Views: 370
Size:  695.4 KBName:  love life girls6.jpg
Views: 487
Size:  109.1 KBName:  love life girls7.jpg
Views: 399
Size:  104.6 KBName:  love life girls4.png
Views: 414
Size:  630.8 KBName:  owlnew 1.png
Views: 372
Size:  752.6 KBName:  owlnew 3.png
Views: 361
Size:  664.8 KBName:  owlnew4.png
Views: 351
Size:  814.1 KBName:  girlnew1.png
Views: 361
Size:  964.0 KBName:  CAHNGE OF FACE NEW .png
Views: 362
Size:  700.7 KB

    Those are all older work. The watercolor landscape was my first real expirement with watercolors. The girls are from an older sketchbook on gray paper. The Owl was so proud about that. The ink and paint girl at the end was also eh...first time changing my style like that

    Here are some of the most recent drawings that I have done
    Name:  card1.JPG
Views: 347
Size:  418.7 KBName:  dragon aceo3.JPG
Views: 366
Size:  189.9 KBName:  aceoB 1.jpg
Views: 357
Size:  97.8 KBName:  shark9.png
Views: 347
Size:  470.7 KBName:  shark1.png
Views: 357
Size:  844.0 KBName:  girl whipped hair 2.png
Views: 356
Size:  702.6 KBName:  girl whipped hair 1.png
Views: 388
Size:  654.3 KBName:  tiger1.JPG
Views: 361
Size:  252.3 KB

    Those ACEO's were done forever ago. The shark is relatively new. The girl and the tiger are certainly the newest. I'm proudest of the girl right now.

    By the way, If any of you would like to know what materials I am using for certain drawings or paintings I will list them..For example usually on tumblr I post my pictures with a caption such as

    "Graphite ( Woodless Koh-I-Noor Hardtmuth Progresso 4B, 6B, 8B and a Lyra Graphitekreide 2B Crayon)
    11” x 14” Acid Free 80lb. (130 g/m ²) Strathmore Drawing Paper
    Smudge Sticks, Tortillions, Q-tips, and my finger
    Pentel Hi-Polymer Ain Eraser
    Grumbacher Final Fixative- Gloss Spray"

    Soo uhhmm yeah that's about it so far... I have a gajillion different sketchbooks ranging from toned gray and brown to creamy white and in multiple sizes. My most recent art is showing more of a definitive style or at least one that I am more inclined to draw in(Stay tuned to see more pictures of recent art. I want to post here as much as I do on my tumblr which is about 2-3 drawings or paintings a week) . I look forward to posting more and for any of your comments and CnC!! Oh I will resize any new images so they are all more..visually pleasing? Tumblr automatically resizes images for peoples dashboard but Concept Art apparently does not so I apologize for massively blown-up images .


    EDIT: Could someone please explain to me how to properly use the Attachment Manager? sorry about that..I appear to only have one image attached and I read that in-line images are somewhat of a no-no..
    Attached Images Attached Images  
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    Hey again!
    I've been working on some stickers recently... Here are some progress shots and what the final version will look like....Name:  candy sticker progress.png
Views: 309
Size:  509.4 KBName:  reeses progress here.png
Views: 308
Size:  754.9 KBName:  sticker mock up candy yo.png
Views: 311
Size:  559.9 KB

    (this stuff isn't really sketchbook :/ but basically I scanned my sketches at 600dpi which is ridiculous but I did that by accident. Then painted at 600 Dpi and scaled down/ brought it down to 100DPI to print on vinyl and laminate)

    Oh and here's a tshirt deisgnName:  love heart shirt mockup.jpg
Views: 323
Size:  99.0 KBName:  heart tank top.jpg
Views: 304
Size:  330.0 KB

    ( sketchbook will have no real theme to it)

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    Just a quick update..Stuff from my gray sketchbook that I'm currently working on and a watercolor that I did forever ago.
    Name:  new3.jpg
Views: 306
Size:  71.0 KBName:  new10.jpg
Views: 358
Size:  78.2 KBName:  new4.jpg
Views: 305
Size:  76.6 KBName:  new1.png
Views: 301
Size:  560.7 KB

    Oh almost forgot, here's a WIP of a forest that I'm working on (I know the first 2 trees from the center -> right are messy...I let my friend paint part of it and he messed up a bit so sorryyyy)
    Name:  wip2.JPG
Views: 289
Size:  304.0 KBName:  wip1.JPG
Views: 300
Size:  293.7 KB

    Comments and Constructive Criticism are always welcome! I want to know what you guys think!
    You should totally follow me on Tumblr or check out my Sketchbook!

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    recent postcard for an art trade. watercolors
    Attached Images Attached Images  
    You should totally follow me on Tumblr or check out my Sketchbook!

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