Looking for some direction.

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    Red face Looking for some direction.

    Hello, I have this illustration I've been picking at for a few weeks off and on. I started it as part of a video lesson on character design for zombie poses (if I remember correctly). I never had an intention of making anything with the gesture I did after watching the lesson, but after a few free time play sessions with PS, here we are.

    Anyway, the pose is from a rugby tackle with some modifications. My trouble with this image varies from composition to motion and on to anatomy. Without planting a seed to steer your crits, I'll just ask for your feedback and advice to make this piece stronger and communicate a bit better. Where should I go, what should I change? I'm open to anything really. Thanks for the advice.

    Name:  zombieAttackProgress001.png
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Size:  556.4 KB

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    First two impressions: You need to paint the water where the characters are. There should be disturbance, dark reflections.. And the zombie-man's right arm is too short from the elbow to the hand.

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    Thanks for the comments. Nice, I'll fix the arm. Yeah the water thing isn't touched at all past the initial thumbnail. Adding it was a last thought since the reference image was an action closeup. I will refine the water a lot.

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