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    WIP; need advice on my piece "Temptation"

    Right, so I've been working on my latest piece, "Temptation", and I need some advice on what I need to work on/improve.

    First off, I have zero clue on what to do with the background; right now it's just splotches of colors I liked. I was hoping to maybe go into making it look like there's thorns around her, but I'm still indecisive.

    As far as the roses go, this is my firs time drawing them and I definitely need to go back to some reference; some of them look slightly bland, for the lack of a better word.

    Name:  temptation_by_ryrua-d7h4st8.jpg
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    I'm hoping that if this turns out alright I can perhaps put it into my High School portfolio (assuming my teacher approves of it as well).

    That said, this is my first time posting anything on here so I hope it'll show up alright! I'm excited to get involved in this community.

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    It looks good to me, the only thing I noticed is that her nose is a bit too far down the face. And it might be good to lighten up her neck a bit. Other than that it looks good to me, but I'm just a beginner myself, so I might be wrong.

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    Her nose is completely flat, the nostril is very small and her lips are misaligned from the nose. Which is weird because they eye structure looks fine, but then it's like you didn't look any refs when doing the nose and just didn't pay attention with the lip placement. Also the eyes don't seem to be on the same level, and since we don't see any of the back of her head behind the flowers, it gives off the impression that she's lacking the back of her skull. Also her jaw is very small, but that may be intentional.
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    That's pretty great for a high-school student (certainly miles beyond where I was at that age )but I think you really need to find photo reference for everything--face, hair, and especially the roses--and really tighten the edges down. Spend a few hours focusing on the drawing and defining the contours as tightly as possible (you can always soften them later.)

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