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    Critique please on my WIP illustration!

    Hello guys,

    I am currently working on this illustration. Its about a lady vampire in the medieval era (setting & background is in a high castle's room). This vampire lady just having her "one night stand" (there will be blood painted on her mouth area & hands). I made her hands slightly bigger (& pointy-ish) to exaggerate her inhuman feature (she is not fully transform into vampire monster yet). Not quite sure on her jewelry stuff, since it's too crowded for her IMO. But I think I need to accessorize her? Or am I having horror vacui?

    Regarding the anatomy, I'll be doing studies on hands, the buttocks, legs, shoulders & arms for this piece.

    I'd really appreciate if you could share some insight to improve this illustration better (I really need it, to make me improve more ). Still really struggling on the ambiance of the environment the most (depth of field, lighting, particles etc). Also I don't know how I finally had that muddy colors, really obviously seen on her face & arms. Was it because I stroke too much on that particular area with not large enough brush size?

    Thanks a lot guys, really appreciate it!

    PS: sorry for my English if I didn't choose the correct words
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    Well, firstly that's some really broken tits and ass, do you have a proper ref for the actual figure? Also, if this is supposed to be medieval era and all, then I'm sorry but they really didn't have lace panties back in the day (though we can't be 100% sure what medieval panties looked like, it'd be more realistic to have her wearing no panties at all), so basically nothing in this distinguishes this from a modern day vamp. Which might matter, or not, depending on how important the "medieval" thing is.
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    @Tynibird, thanks man for the crits, yes indeed they are broken . I don't have any proper ref with the same pose at the moment (I will keep looking a ref for the similar pose & fix it). Noted for panties, I will do some research on medieval panties. Also I will consider to make her not wearing it.

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    After i had done some studies here and there attached is the progress. More critiques will be awesome! thanks a lot!
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    Hello, just putting in my two cents. I really do like the way you are going with this painting.

    I think you made a mass improvement from the first painting but there is still some room for improvement.

    First of the anatomy of her back is still way off. Do you have a reference picture, if not try to get one (have a friend take a picture in that pose. The back needs to be straighter.

    Second I see that there is a fire to the left of her back but the reflected light is white. Since the fire is the primary light source on her she needs have a more yellowish/reddish hue. (Even though you might get some reflected light from bouncing of the floor on her back it shouldn't be overpowering the fire. See the examples:

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    There also seems to be something a little odd with the length of parts on her arms. Please use a reference for that as well.

    Please excuse my butchering of your painting, I also tried including a paint over highlighting some of the errors/fixes.

    Keep up the good work. And if you you though any of my critiques were helpful share some of the love and give me critiques on my work.

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