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Thread: Art rates confusion!

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    Art rates confusion!

    So long story short, a guy was thinking about hiring me for freelance for one of his projects. I'm a 2D artist ( completely new to the professional world ) and he asked about my rates.

    I asked for $30/hour which I figured was an alright starting point. ( correct me if I'm wrong. ) and I've talked to a lot of artists who charge around there. Being new, should I have charged less? I'm not entirely dependent on freelancing to make a living, so I thankfully don't have to worry about that.

    Anyways, the guy seemed quite nervous and asked what I would charge if I was part of the team, instead, rather than freelancing. Do you charge less in that case?
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    >>part of the team, instead, rather than freelancing

    Would that mean employed? Then you should charge the amount that you need to make a living each month.
    Your freelance rates, too, should be based on how much you need to make in order to make a living - here's a simple way to calculate that:

    Of course, if you are not dependent on freelancing, it does not really matter and you can work for whatever rates you and the client both agree to.
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