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    CHOW #351 :: Boris, the Lovable Bodyguard :: FINALS

    CHOW #351 :: Boris, the Lovable Bodyguard :: FINALS

    Character of the Week #351
    Boris, the Lovable Bodyguard

    Deadline - Sunday, May 4th 10PM GMT

    *This week we will be grabbing from the suggestions thread, with a little bit of a tweak. This topic is suggested from SteamworkJackal. If you ever have ideas for future ChoWs, post them in the suggestions thread!*

    Some people who have money or power are usually targets for some sort of crime and usually hire a body guard for protection. Boris, is known in the criminal as someone not to mess with. If the price is right, he will protect any scumbag or royalty willing to pay him enough. He is imposing, dangerous, but something about him is just so charming! Physically intimidating, but somehow relate-able and approachable.

    This week you must design Boris and show the side of him that he keeps from other people.

    The Guidelines:
    • Must be Male
    • Must be humanoid
    • Must include the object which reflects his soft/lovable side.
    • Must have his weapon of choice.
    • NO background this week. Follow the set of rules listed below.

    The Rules
    • Finals must be posted in the finals thread before the deadline
    • Final post must include the CHoW # and the artists username at the bottom of the image within, at least, a footer bar(TYPED, NOT WRITTEN)
    • At least 3/4 of the character must be visible. No back views are allowed without a front please.
    • Sketches or rushed artwork will not be accepted into the poll
    • No photograph paint overs, must be 100% original work
    • At least two wips posted with your final in the finals thread
    • NO ENVIRONMENT BACKGROUNDS! You may use simple shapes,gradients or silhouettes
    • Please read through the thread for any posts made by the mod. They likely answered a question that was asked about the challenge!
    • Have fun!

    Visit my website for additional info.
    “If people knew how hard I worked to get my mastery, it wouldn't seem so wonderful after all.”
    ― Michelangelo

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    Here's my final Boris, still going with the original theme of bodyguard to a high level mobster but in his down time likes to visit the local orphanage and help caring for some of the babies, it seems his rougher side may be rubbing off on some of them.

    Name:  boris2inks.jpg
Views: 1872
Size:  2.06 MB

    pencils and inks
    Name:  boriswips.jpg
Views: 1860
Size:  954.0 KB

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    Here is my Boris, a skull crushing force of nature enjoying a quiet moment with his pet owls.

    CHOW #351 :: Boris, the Lovable Bodyguard :: FINALS

    Here is the WIP progress

    CHOW #351 :: Boris, the Lovable Bodyguard :: FINALS

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    This is uncle Boris the lovable bodygurad. Sworn to protect his lil nephew.
    Name:  boris-final-presentation.jpg
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Size:  57.9 KB
    Name:  boris.jpg
Views: 1747
Size:  50.9 KBName:  boris.jpg
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    Boris, a 6'3'' giant with colorful hair, flowers, HelloKitty decals and baseball bat
    Name:  borischow351final.jpg
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Size:  177.7 KB
    Name:  borischow351wip1.jpg
Views: 1774
Size:  106.1 KBName:  borischow351wip2.jpg
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    boris is a tough and highly sought-after bodyguard of the rich and nefarious. When not on the job he plays the works of Bach and Mozart on his flute, a hobby he has enjoyed since childhood.

    Name:  Final.jpg
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Size:  119.5 KB

    Name:  wips.jpg
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    Love means never having to say "you're a special snowflake."

    Take a look at my sketchbook
    And my blog

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    Boris the Lovable Bodyguard

    Boris here loves two things: bashing skulls of anyone who gets too close to the target and his cats.
    Attached Images Attached Images    

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    Boris - Pimpwacker final

    Hope I'm not late- I'm crap with timezones. Would have wanted to do more work but got too busy Name:  boris snip final1.jpg
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Size:  79.4 KB
    Attached Images Attached Images    

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    Final submission:

    Name:  FINAL.jpg
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    Name:  WIP_01.jpg
Views: 1699
Size:  104.1 KBName:  WIP_02.jpg
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    Boris, usually keep on eye on his boss in a famous night club,
    but these days his not doing right! Namely The girl who s coming every friday stole his hart , and now Boris is taking
    dance lessons... trying to draw attention, but he cannot escape from his kazacok moves easily!
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    Here's my final, Boris is a huge russian ex convict, now working as a bodyguard that doesnt hesitate to kill anyone who bothers his boss, BUT, if you talk to him about pokemon,he looses his violent and unapproachable ways and forgets about his job and breaking people in half, and gets lost in pokemon debate.

    Name:  BORIS 06-FINALs.jpg
Views: 1725
Size:  369.4 KBName:  boris wip.jpg
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Size:  267.1 KB

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    The Client was shaking on the chair.
    - Are we sure, he is the right man, Arcane?
    Arcane the Vendor smiled.
    You doubt because, he never worked for you. Boris is able to tear down those Ukkamon heads with a bite.
    - This is my worry. This time we'll not break in and make their brain blow up with a shotgun, mi spiego? This time are buisness. Accurate and rigorous matters.
    - You already explained - the Vendor said. But he known the italian would have continued his talking.
    - A present mind is requested, more than a hair trigger, mi spiego? There will be the Black Emperor's family. There are rules, etiquette, capisci? I would not make a bad impression! There are wifes, fiancèès, and the children...
    - That's why you need Boris.
    Than Arcane's eyes got attracted by the holoscreens. The full armored figure cross on the intercam's monitor. Metal steps reverberate on the ante-room' synthwood floor. Than the door opened like a steel flower and Boris came in, trample over the blu carpet with his spiked soles. He got a plasma minigun with him. Shielded by the neonvisor, his eyes rest on Arcane, than on the Client.
    The italian man frown, looking at the red titanium armor. It was furrowed with many colored traces... The client stare at Arcane with interrogative face.
    - Is a pleasure to see you again - the Vendor smiled. - I heard you came back on Earth for Easter.
    - Ya - was the bold colossus' answer. - But now me is here for job. Wanna hear about the mission.
    - Hey, hold on, hold on... - the Client jump on his feet, hands taut forward. - Is this Boris?
    Arcane assented with a smile. The italian open wide the eye, astonished.
    - Are you kidding me? Is this the giant mercenary? The atrocious bodyguard? - The Client had a laugh, and claps his hands. - Did you find him at the nursery school?
    The smile on Arcane's face disappeared. Was never a good idea to laugh at a Contractor. - Boris, listen to me, the Client, he doesn't know you...
    Boris let the minigun fall with a rumble. He advanced towards the italian untill the neonvisor tint his round sweaty face.
    - It's just curiosity, eh! - the Clint tryed to explain. - They said you were a tough one, then you came here all doodle'up...
    Boris freezed. He step beckward and look his own arms and the breast. Colored cholk's draw whirled on the armor glaze. A little monkey face was smiling on his left arm, and a big heart on the right one. He smiled. - This are not doodles.
    - Aren't they? - the italian Client ask ironical.
    - No. This are warpaint!

    Name:  Boris06.jpg
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Size:  521.8 KB

    Name:  boris wips.jpg
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    MasterTroglodyte entry...

    Hope this isn't too big...
    Name:  borisbodyimg4.jpg
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    Name:  bodyboris.gif
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Size:  1.49 MB

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    Boris Final

    Heres my submission, it was all done on procreate so it was an interesting experience. This is Boris(no last name is ever given) the #1 bodyguard in all of Russia maybe even the world. Often described as the scariest most badass man you'll ever meet. This is a rare image of him with his secret companion and confidant.... Mr.Mittens. All critiques and advice are welcome.
    Name:  Boris WIP 1.jpg
Views: 1677
Size:  105.1 KBName:  Boris WIP2.jpg
Views: 1687
Size:  109.4 KBName:  Boris WIP3.jpg
Views: 1649
Size:  91.4 KBName:  Boris Final.jpg
Views: 1656
Size:  115.2 KB

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