Harriet's sketchbook

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    Harriet's sketchbook

    Hello! I'm posting this sketchbook to help myself improve and catalog my progress. Any critiques and suggestions are welcome!

    My background: I've been working in finance for a while, and absolutely hate it. Decided to try going back to art after a four year absence, and desperately need to improve my skills.

    Here are some of my recent works:

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    Hey. I like the apple and the eggs. But see how limited range of values you have used with the apple, if you pushed the contrast further, the depth and form would look more three dimensional. The image with eggs is already better in that regard, but still could be pushed further, make the highlights shine!

    Anyways, glad you're getting away from finance Have a great time drawing and painting!

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    Thanks for the feedback! Values are definitely something I struggle with.

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    Here are a couple quick sketches I did today. I was trying to work on posing- I have a bad habit of always drawing people standing straight and not doing anything. I didn't use any reference.

    Name:  chatting mage.jpg
Views: 23
Size:  42.3 KBName:  shopping woman.jpg
Views: 25
Size:  75.9 KB

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    Another quick sketch:

    Name:  mage lady.jpg
Views: 11
Size:  53.1 KB

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    I tried some super quick landscape studies to work on backgrounds/ values. I obviously need lots of practice!

    Name:  desert mtn quick study.jpg
Views: 11
Size:  144.0 KB

    Name:  quick landscape study 1.jpg
Views: 11
Size:  52.6 KB

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    Here are some sketches from today. I was mostly doodling costumes, and threw in a quick mountain for practice.

    Name:  big hair woman.jpg
Views: 9
Size:  160.8 KB

    Name:  stern lady.jpg
Views: 8
Size:  323.4 KB

    Name:  mountain quick paint.jpg
Views: 8
Size:  24.6 KB

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