Navy, deploying soon, need art fix

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    Navy, deploying soon, need art fix

    So I'll be on a ship for the better part of a year with minimal personal storage space. Anyone have any experience with computer tablets for art? I heard pretty good things about the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. Any other input or suggestions for my situation would be appreciated. Thanks.

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  3. I dont know much about tablets but I do have a Surface Pro one.
    Its pretty cool, since the pen already comes with pressure sensitivity.
    Also since its more like a windows computer in tablet form I was able to install photoshop on it too.
    To make the pressure sensitivity in the pen work with photoshop in the tablet, you just download the driver from the Wacom website.

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    Oh that's a tough situation man. If i was you I'd get me a cintiq companion, if you got the money.. other wise a surface pro. But i dont think the Galaxi note would cut it, not enough power, and poor software. If you wanna get anywhere beyond sketching that is, you'll need something better.

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    Thanks for the replies! A Cintiq would be awesome but I think that's a post deployment purchase. A tablet seems good for my situations because I can load it with movies and books and other things to keep me busy. I'm definitely going to look into the Surface Pro.

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    Best wishes!

    I use a tablet for art almost daily, and I really enjoy it. There are a few things to keep in mind: first, what apps are available, and second, stylus choice, because some are more responsive than others. The app is the important part, I think, because while I wouldn't say that "the tools make the artist," having a good set of tools really CAN help. I personally use an iPad (iPad 4), and the app ProCreate, and with that combination, I have been EXTREMELY happy with results. (A friend of mine also has an iPad and uses Sketchbook Pro; she likes that app quite a bit too. Both those apps, I think, are available for iOS and Android alike) Unfortunately, I just set up my sketchbook thread TODAY, so I don't have a ton of examples, but you can see the 2 or 3 I've uploaded in that thread: right here

    Anyway, I guess what I'm saying is, pretty much any tablet can be put to awesome use for art with the right tools. You'll never have AS much control as you would with a Cintiq, but for traveling, if you don't want to take a Cintiq (or laptop and a Wacom tablet), it's the next best thing. For a long time I was just drawing with my fingers, and honestly that was fine, but a stylus really helps too. I use the Sensu brush, which I like a lot, but really I'd recommend going to a computer store and playing around with whatever you can find.

    I hope that helps a little!

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