Yo Forum,

About a year ago I got a diploma in Games Design. I say Games Design, but really I was taught all facets of game production. My favourite was 3D, particularly animation and rigging, modeling and sculpting's cool too. Those were also the only areas I did well in. A particularly wise teacher of mine told me that I couldn't just be good at 3D, I'd need good 2D skills to help me with form.

I'm not talented and I'm not skilled enough to enter the industry.

For now, I'm serving in the military. During this time I need to powerlevel my skills to an acceptable level for me to enter one of the very few studios that have decided to have a branch here.

I can't do this on my own.

Everyday when I have free time I'll try to sketch on paper, but even then I don't feel it's enough. I'm a super impatient person, I need results immediately and I'm willing to put in the effort. But I feel lost. I was taught drawing in school, but not painting.

I wish to develop some sort of sketchy/quick style, something like Yoji Shinkawa, Kim Jung Gi. Something that seems it might have been done in 5 minutes, but looks amazing. Maybe that's called 'blocking'? Not quite sure. But if I can develop something cool on my own, that's alright as well, I'd just like it to look super stylized, maybe even exaggerated, whatever works.

From what I've learned, I need to develop form and flow.

Alderaan's not far away, help me forum, you're my only hope.

PS. I've taken a gander at some other sketchbooks on here. If this is an improper format or whatever feel free to delete it or PM me and I'll change it.

Sorry if my drawings are so bad that you feel offended. I feel offended as well. Your modesty shouldn't be challenged any more.

Can anyone tell me what's the maximum width I should be uploading files at?

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