Hello~ I'm nearly wrapping up my first semester at Columbia College in Chicago. I'll keep this simple!

- What types of specific job titles are there for game ART as opposed to design? You don't have to list them all.

- I know I should focus on one thing. I haven't started 3d yet. I know that character development is what everyone aspires to be, so I'm staying away from that. What could land me a job easier? I like the idea of setting up lighting in environments. I also started a 2d animation class and actually enjoy working frame by frame. Maybe animation is in my future.

- When I signed up here I saw the "Level up" classes. It reminded me of another place that offered classes for game art. Should I invest in these and mention them on my resume? I'm thinking about being photoshop certified too.

- I also saw an ad for being a mentor for game art for high school students. I was thinking I should participate in that and mention it on my resume too. Are these good things?

- as far as the portfolio. I wonder how much I really need to add to land my first baby job in the industry. Maybe I can work on 2d things for now and get into some 2d games after college? I don't think I'll be the best at 3d with only 2 years. Hmm!

Anyways I hope you can answer at least one of these questions! Thanks so much.