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    Keys to happiness

    The last five months have been loaded with stumbling blocks. That got me wondering yesterday as to what are the keys to happiness. Yeah, I understand that it is partly a frame of mind but that just wont cut it for me. I do not want to fathom what life would be like as an old man saying "meh, happiness is a frame of mind". I watched a youtube video that suggested that happiness in the contemporary day is primarily five things:

    1. time, 2. money, 3. relationship, 4. health and fitness, and 5. work

    The video also went on to suggest that work is of the greatest importance because it allows for the time, money, relationship, and health and fitness.

    I have organized the 5 elements in the order of greatest importance for me. Tell me what you think. I am also very curious as to how y'all would organize these 5 elements. (Edit: Here is mine)

    1. health and fitness 2. work 3. money 4. relationship 5. time
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    I don't know. From me it would probably change from time to time. Right now it would be Work+Health & Fitness+Money+Relationship+Time
    I personally feel that happiness is getting what you need, not what you want.

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    I'd think that they would be similar to Maslow's hierarchy of needs -- at least the lower levels of it. First you need your physical needs met, then you need to be safe and have relationships with people, then you need to be busy and feel like you're doing something meaningful.

    So first you need things like food and water and air and freedom from pain. Then you need to not be beaten up or raped or have your stuff stolen. Then some friends go over pretty well, because talking to people is nice. And then you need to have something to do so you don't go nuts with boredom.

    Money is just a tool to get you the above. If you can figure out how to get it without money, then you don't need money. If you can't, then you do. If you can figure out how to get money without work, then you don't need work (except insofar as you need something to do). If you can't, then you do need work.

    And happiness is relative, of course. If you've just been rescued from a mine where the air was running out, you're going to be pretty happy until you readjust to your situation and realize that you don't have a place to live.

    I'm not sure what rearranging the above "keys" does except tell you what a person feels that they are lacking at the moment.
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    For me, it helped reinform how critical it is to have a good job.
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