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    Pencil Technique (Part 2)

    Pencil Technique (Part 2)

    4-5 hours, in a mirror.

    I feel like its a huge step forward from the last one, in likeness alone.

    I tried to keep in mind previous critiques (Thanks, btw, to all of you), I know there's alot wrong, however. Lemme havit!

    edit: how to draw hair?! argh!
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    right now, that hair looks very disorganized and somewhat flat. It seems as if you just "scribbled" them in. Take time to do them man!
    Hair follows a certain path and directional growth, its not all that random (unless you have messy grunty hair) Short hair is harder than long hair because in long hairs, you can group them into masses.

    proportions are off, his lower half is too long, and the eyes need to be farther apart just a bit.

    your facial details are pretty well done, great job on the lips

    comparing to your last SP, there is a big improvement in the areas of lighting (and contrast) and form


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    this is a very nice improvement from the last one, the contrast is alot better, the light source is better defined this time and ur strokes are alot nicer and cleaner, im dam proud of ya for workin on that, most the time u give someone a crit, they dont do anything but i can def. see u were workin hard on it, just keep the same up for doing the other stuff like the hair, seems like u got kinda lazy with the hair but for hair, it can simply be defined by the right highlights, but good work on this one, now i can tell ur tired from the bags under ur eyes so go get some sleep hehe.
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    Hair can be tricky yes... but when I was sketching I always managed to make it acceptably beleivable for someone at my technical level. The best I can explain is, it's not HOW to draw it... beleive it or not you allready know that. The problem is taking the TIME to draw it. You can see which way your hair goes, what kinds of patterns are in it... I've done a few scribbled hairs before too, but they always look flat and crappy. Just sorta look at the hair in each area and draw it as it is.

    Long hairs ARE easier, I was pretty much just doing my friend Laila's hair by isntinct, didn't even need to look at the paper very often. Just watch the flow, and make your hand do the same flow.

    It is rather hard to explain, especially since my articulation and vocabulary have slipped up a little bit over the summer, but I think that's the jist of it.

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    great job man! looks a hundred times better...serious improvements. your shapes pop out better the shadow sided eye is very convincing. i can tell you put some serious effort and study into this. the eyes are the best i must say though.

    suggestion and crits: the shape of your head is still a bit off (much better) but still off. try doing a few studies with just line. get the contours...the planes of the face. do quick ones and then move up to longer ones...kinda like working the improvement man. keep rocking the pencil...i gotta go draw now.

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    Everyone else is helping you with the anatomy so I thought I'd drop you a link for drawing hair.
    Give it a try and take a look around on the site, you might find a few other tutorials you're interested in. Good luck with it.
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    Ooh, dig it. I didn't see your last SP, but I can definately see the improvement in your pencil drawings from the previous stuff I saw. This particular drawing shows some great form and a sense of the planes of the face. I especially like how you handled the planes on the outside of the shadowed side eye. Also some really nice forms and overall sense of asthetics on the ears.

    I think some of the shadows are a little harsh though...I know how your eyes normally look, but I think that shadow on the outside plane break of the light side eye is way too harsh...squint your eyes and you'll see that heavy line of shadow is as dark as anything on the drawing...unless there's a deep indentation there, given the angle of the light, that probably shouldn't be that harsh. It's possible you're seeing color for value when you were looking at this...if the light was as harsh as you've displayed in the drawing, border areas tend to saturate a lot and you may have picked up that high saturation area as a greater value change than it was.

    As for hair, have patience! As previously mentioned, start like you would anything else, in large, gradual areas of value. Even on short hair, try to pick out groups, and model them individually...start off as a mass of similar value then gradually work darks and lights..then, towards the very end, start to add a few deep shadows and highlights that imply the fine strands of hair. When it comes to hair and a drawing like this, it's better to get the masses and then just imply the hair itself...let the viewer do some of the work.

    I will agree though that overall proportions seem to still be an issue. I love the rendering on a lot of this (the lips as someone else mentioned) but it does look a little long to be you. Are you doing a light underdrawing first to get proportions right before you really go in there? And are you measuring with your hand and pencil? (You might need to step a bit back from the mirror for that, but it's worth it).

    Keep it up!
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