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Thread: Cinema 4D?

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    Cinema 4D?

    Hi all,

    I'm looking to pick up a 3D modeling software, and from what I've read, Cinema 4D seems to be easier to learn for beginners than 3DsMax and Maya? I've tried the latter two before in a short course, but the complexity just seems overwhelming to me (IMO, probably even harder than drawing).

    I've read that the Autodesk products are more for working in large teams since the software is built for that purpose (production pipelines etc.), and Cinema 4D is more for the individual freelancer / artist etc.?

    My goal is to use a 3D software to make 3D versions of my art, like say, render a human figure or objects like props, vehicles etc.

    So, my question is: is Cinema 4D worth the effort, or should I just take on 3DsMax / Maya again and endure the suffering? (I really hate the UIs of Autodesk products......never understood why you've to click a hundred different buttons just to apply a simple color to the model when you can just right-click and choose something like "Load image..." etc.)


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    Looking for a job by any chance? If so, 3DS Max and Maya are the industry standards. All the 3D jobs will ask for one or both.

    If not looking for a job, but money is an issue, then you can do what those guys do with Blender (which is free). For skies and seas then might I recommend Vue which can still be cheaper at 600 to 800 depending on package. For humans, Makehuman is "free as in beer" though don't try to go beyond exporting the freebie figures (still fully rigged and posable in Blender). For apartments sweethome3d is free. (The apartment and furniture will be huge like the argonath when you try to mix them with makehuman figures in Blender) SketchUp is free as in beer. Don't try to hand out freebie script adjustments.

    I admit, even I am considering shelling out (perhaps $800-1000)for ZBrush. There is only so far I can seem to get with Blender when it comes to sculpting. Mudbox? at over $3000 fuggidaboutit!!!
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    From the perspective of a 2d artist, zbrush for sculpting and modo for the rest are a good combo. Both are very artist friendly if youre not a dedicated 3d bloke.

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    No actual experience here so take it with a grain of salt, but I'm studying cinema 4D right now and I'd never heard of it before. I've never, ever heard 3D artists say they've used or needed cinema 4D; I always hear Maya or Zbrush, or some other program I can't remember.

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