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    When should I learn how to 2D animate?

    I ask this question because, I am currently in the process of learning more about figure drawing and anatomy (Using Loomis's book Figure Drawing for All It's Worth). I wanted to grasp more of that before I started getting into my interest for animation. But the problem is, I'm eager to start learning about 2D animation now. But I'm not sure if I should wait until I have grasped the concepts of anatomy/figure drawing.

    What do you think I should do? Should I fully get through Loomis's book, then start animating, or do them both at the same time? Or if I just 2D animate, will I be improving my drawing skills as well?

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    Life drawing is really important for animation, especially gestures, because it is an efficient way to study life, movement, character. However, for direct application in animation, cartooning is a lot more relevant: it is a simple way of drawing, based on basic forms like blocks and balls. Study Preston Blair, especially the first chapters or so, and within months you should be ready to try your hand animating. In the meantime, keep working on Loomis, but this could take you years to get anywhere...
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    Yeah I agree,

    You can do fantastic animation with just stickfigures, you don't need to be able to draw realistic figures to be an animator. IN fact you will start of animating balls and simple shapes. It's all about timing and spacing.

    So start with animation whenever you can and while you are learning the principles of animation, do life drawing, do A LOT of quick gesture studies. Also learn perspective, that's often overlooked but REALLY important!

    As recommended do get the following books:
    Preston Blair :
    Animation Survival Guide (Richard Williams)
    Eric Godlberg's ANimation Crashcourse

    A really great site to get you started in 2d animation is Jason Ryans:
    Studytime! Crunching down on Loomis and Figure Drawing
    My creative blog
    Figure Studies & Life drawing yay!

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