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    Candra Hope - Portfolio up for Review

    I've been trying to improve my skills over the last couple of years and would love to hear feedback on where I'm at. Areas I'm weak in and what I need to do next to improve.

    Looking to get into illustration with emphasis on fantasy and horror.


    Tried to keep newer stuff at the top.

    Name:  The Trooper Study (800x800).jpg
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    Name:  Drive (800x500).jpg
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    Name:  Dead Inside Cover Art (538x800).jpg
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    Name:  Castle Final Cropped (628x800).jpg
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    Name:  Squatters Illustration (567x800).jpg
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    Name:  013 (556x800) (2).jpg
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    Name:  Masque of the Red Death.jpg
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    Name:  Ice Ship (583x800).jpg
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    Name:  Dragon Girl Small.jpg
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    Name:  Ink Skull.jpg
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    Name:  Self Portrait Greyscale (684x800) (2).jpg
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    Name:  Photo Study III.jpg
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    Name:  Photo Study IV.jpg
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    You have strong designs and good gestures in the figures but some more improvement in your anatomy would push it up another notch. I think taking more time on some of these ideas would help them, a few looked like they were painted with only partial reference. The background skeletons in the archer piece and the wings on the dragon for example. Getting all that stuff right will strengthen your work.

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    Difiicult, there are so many images- let's see what I can come up with.

    Easily the best piece is the self portrait. Good form, good lighting. I also quite like cowboy, the ship in the ice and the second-to-last landscape, nice comps (a little annoying tangent in the second image between a hill and the shore line in the distance, but otherwise quite nice).

    I feel like the rest of the images don't live up to the standard of those ones.
    The second image looks like a good start but doesn't look finished, mushy form, little to no hard edges. The mountain- castle has potential, but it lacks the epicness that a scene like this needs. This has largely to do with scale, the building/mountain could use more small details. The dragon has a bit of a mushy feel to its forms, the anatomy isn't convincing and overall seems pretty generic. The girl with the bow doesn't convince me regarding anatomy either.

    One thing that is present in nearly all pictures is a feeling of not being finished. Stuff you haven't rendered completely, unrefined brushstrokes and the like. Not everything needs to be detailed, but everything, even the non-detailed bits, needs to look good. You might try spending more time overall on your images, designing your brushstrokes.

    How much are you working from reference? The figures/ the dragon and the fantasy landscapes look to me like you've used little or no reference. Working much more with reference will help you get closer to professional results.

    That's what I can come up with stande pede. Maybe I'll be able to contribute moire later, it's quite a pile of images to assess.

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    Thanks guys, thats great feedback!

    You're both spot on re not using reference enough. Even though I hunted down lots of refs for the girl with zombies, and took photos of myself, I didn't work with them well enough. I think I need to learn how to interpret things better - getting better at constructing pictures initially would probably help, so I don't get bogged down with the references and lose sight of the picture, or vice versa.

    Also, spot on re lack of finish. I tend to get nervous that I'll mess a picture up, wich makes my mark making shaky and tentative. I need to learn to be more confident with that, and to develop better techniques.

    Thanks again for taking the time, and sorry for the dump. Wanted to give a comprehensive overview of my stuff, but maybe it's a bit overkill.

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    Your perspective is looking solid. Your mark making is good too. Your biggest challenge at this point is going to be taking the time to paint from life, and from master paintings, so that your images capture the feel that light actually has. Your color is in need of focus. Other areas that can be improved include design (costume, architectural, industrial etc...) and in putting together a very cohesive and unified body of work that truly reflects your own vision and personal point of view. I can tell that you love to draw and paint as one would not get this far or create this much quality stuff without that trait. I am just not sure what you want to do at this it fine it's hard to tell. Thus my comment on the unified body of work.

    Hope that is helpful.


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    Thanks Jason, thats great feedback! And sorry I took so long to reply. Been busy moving house this last week or so.

    Great advice all round and lots of food for thought, especially re what it is specifically I want to do. Of course, I'd love to do everything - fine art studies, plein landscapes, and illustration - but I don't want to end up a jack of all trades but master of none. So I'm thinking I should focus on illustration and do a lot more master studies, work from life etc. See if I cant improve my colour and light decisions.

    Anyway, apologies for the ramble. Great feedback again. Thanks for taking the time.

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