Hi everyone!

My name is Danny. I lead a weekly artist's network in Berkeley CA. This is my first time posting to ConceptArt.org, so if this is new to you, it's because it's new to the whole community ;P

I have a goal:
Form a network so solid that it draws people from beyond the Bay Area. I want to meet and work with professionals. I also want to meet and work with amateurs. I want aspiring artists, and working professionals alike to come together in the same space to make art. In order to do this, I need to build the community from the bottom up. I'm still in the grass-roots phases of organization.


That's the website. It explains everything pretty well. I'm serious about becoming a pro. I know that a lot of other people ar too. I've spent countless hours alone honing my skills. I've reached the point where my most vast improvements will be made by working with others.

Together we are stronger than the sum of our efforts. If you have the self-discipline, let's get together! Independence first assures functional interdependence. We're always here. Every Wednesday at 6 in Berkeley.