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    Helpful New App

    Hey guys!
    Firstly I’d like to say that you guys have a pretty cool community going here, and if I’ve posted this in the wrong section or these types of posts are frowned upon I sincerely apologize and I meant no offence.

    My name is Jacob and I am a new, indie app developer (like the world needs another one of those right?) and I have just finished my first app that I really believe would be of some benefit to people within this community.

    The app is called ‘Creative Kickstart’ and it is available for free and without adds (there is a paid version) and it has just gone live TODAY (yay me! ). Unfortunately it is only available on the Android market at the moment but I will get to work porting it over to iOS ASAP!

    Creative Kickstart is very simple and easy to use, and it’s primary function is to generate random ideas for you to help overcome drawers / writers block. It has over 2.2 billion possible ideas all of which are designed to be sensical, unlike other similar apps which are just rubbish.

    So if you’d like to try out the free version of the app head on over to the google play store ( I would also LOVE any honest feedback from real artists such as yourself, so contact me anytime at; and let me know what you did and didn’t like about the app.

    Thanks guys and I hope my app is helpful to you

    TL;DR – New app called Creative Kickstart, free, available on the Android Market, creative tool for artists to help drum up new ideas for drawing, painting, writing ect ect. Over 2.2 billion ideas available.
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    .... and it is distinct from a gazillion free random-idea websites on the net, in what specific way other than the vague "sensical unlike others which are rubbish"?

    From a screenshot of your app's hero idea: "A ravashing male elf ... whom is always looking for the next challenge. Each foe brings bigger difficulties which gives our hero the chance to push the limits of their abilities. ... armed with a flaming pole-arm. ... that is generally quite positive and lifts the spirits of those around them." I want a flaming pole-arm with +1 to lifting people's spirits, too! Problem is, I wanted to do something science-fictiony, and my universe doesn't include elves... nor does anyone use pole-arms anymore in a technological society. Perhaps I could swap "elf" for "ravishing male cyborg" armed with a flaming assault rifle with +1 to lifting people's spirits. That'd be less cheesy, right?

    You should get a proofreader for your marketing material as well as your app - the screenshots on your app market page show spelling and grammar errors. (I am not even mentioning things like calling the competition "rubbish" in your marketing material... proofreader won't cut it, you need a copywriter for that.)

    The stuff like putting story templates into character descriptions, confusing sentence order in the app, the profusion of ellipses, the presumptions about the setting and genre, as well as the level of general cheese, will have to be worked on, though.

    (BTW, writers/artist's block has precious little to do with a lack of ideas. Also BTW, a "drawer" is a piece of furniture and "drawers" is underwear, a person who draws is called a draftsman or artist. )
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    Hey Arenhaus!

    Firstly, thankyou very much for your well presented and thought out response, this is exactly the type of feedback I need to polish as much as possible, this is my first app after-all.

    I understand that many people prefer to write and draw in different genres, I already have two different versions of the app coming out, 'Creative Kickstart - Space' which will be much more science fiction oriented and 'Creative Kickstart - Modern? (unsure of name yet) which will be a non-fiction version of the app. I hope this will be enough to cover as many genre's I can and extend the reach of the apps.

    I have been working completely by myself on this project so unfortunately I was unable to find anyone to proof all my stuff, but I will take your suggestions and go find and fix the spelling errors you found, thanks for pointing them out to me.

    P.S. I always thought 'drawer' and 'drawers' sounded weird but I was trying to make a distinctions between art-forms, again, I'll fix it up as per your suggestion.

    I really appreciate the time you took to look at the app, feedback like this will be invaluable to me in the long run.

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